CNN & crooked deadly corrupted legacy fecal media saying COVID wave this fall 2023; FDA asked Pfizer Moderna to bring booster for XBB.1.5 subvariant clade by September; but EG.5 (Eris) clade DOMINANT

by Paul Alexander

What does this mean? means DISASTER again due to Darwinian SELECTIVE PRESSURE; XBB.1.5 booster CAN'T match EG.5 (original antigenic sin, immune priming/fixation); MISMATCH will drive more SUB-VARIANTS

IMO bringing that XBB.1.5 booster will be catastrophic and do much damage and drive this to continue for decades. IMO this is deliberate. The very same disaster we caused with the in toto across the board, across all age-groups MASS vaccination into the teeth (in the midst) of an ongoing pandemic (loading your gun while the enemy was on the battlefield) where there was MASSIVE infectious pressure (from circulating virus) while there was MASSIVE mounting immune pressure (mounting population immunity) that was sub-optimal; the immune response (vaccine-induced antibodies (Abs)) could not reach MAXIMAL affinity, full binding capacity for the target antigen (binding domains) and as such PRESSURED the virus somewhat (the infectiousness of the virus aka the spike) yet could not STERILIZE the virus (in other words, the Abs could not neutralize the virus) and thus could not stop infection, replication, and importantly, TRANSMISSION. The result was viral immune escape and the vaccinated got infected and re-infected and there was SELECTIVE pressure and as such, variants that could OVERCOME the sub-optimal immune pressure, were selected as they were deemed the FITTEST and HARDIEST and they became the new DOMINANT variants and were ENRICHED in the environment.

The very same INSANITY will occur here by December 2023 if this XBB.1.5 booster is rolloed out in the midst of new clases such as EG.5 and as CDC chart shows, other emerging clades such as XBB.2.3, XBB.1.16, and FL.1.5.1.

This remains a disaster in the making, the very same way the new bi-valent booster they brought based on 8 mice, and based on the initial Wuhan legacy strain and the BA.4 and BA.5 clades, while NOT the dominant circulating clades. The result, all who took the bivalent booster got re-infected, it FAILED. Near instant, and people got sick, ill, and many died. Especially vulnerable people.

The very same will happen here, due to original antigenic sin (recalled vaccine-induced antibodies will be to the initial prime or exposure (Wuhan strain), immune priming, fixation, prejudice, and the risk of antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) and antibody-dependent enhancement of disease (ADED).

IMO we do nothing but strongly double and triple down protect the vulnerable, we use nasal-oral washes (povidone iodine, hydorgen peroxide etc.) to kill the virus in the nasal oral mucosa (upfront use of nasal washes and oral gargles using viricidal agents) so that pathogen does not take hold if exposed (McCullough says also consider colloidal silver, xylitol, even Scope, listerine, saline etc.), we strengthen our immune systems, have proper ventilation, use Vitamin D3 supplements properly dosed.

See top box of our early treatment protocol, 3rd line:

‘Oropharyngeal viricidal therapy has been demonstrated in supportive studies and randomized trials to:  1) prevent infection after suspected exposure (twice daily), 2) reduce the period of infectivity when ill, and 3) attenuate the progression of disease and reduce the need for oxygenation and hospitalization (six times daily).’

IMO, this is fear porn, we do nothing, NOTHING, just protect the vulnerable, apply commonsense and moderation, and live life as normal. Self-quarantine at home if you are sick with symptoms, if you are a high-risk vulnerable person. Yet quarantine generally only if you are unwell. Use proper contact tracing (acute) but well organized. Contagion control principles.

But, above all,

No lockdowns, no school closures, no business closures, no shielding, no masks, burn all of those masks, no quarantines or testing (mass) of asymptomatic ‘well’ people. None. There is/was no asymptomatic spread. A lie. Use antibiotics as needed for vulnerable persons infected and showing signs of pneumonia, use blood thinning e.g. aspirin etc. in vulnerable for clots etc.

Eris: The Greek Goddess of Discord and Conflict

McCulloughs directions on using nasal-oral washes:

1) nasal solutions should be comfortable and not sting with sufficient dilution, 2) sniffed far back into the sinuses and then spit out through the mouth (often causes coughing or mild choking), done at least twice per nostril per session, 3) oral gargles should be for 30 seconds and then spit out.