CNN & Dr. Leana Wen: Any healthy American child that is harmed or dies, & they will die from these COVID shots, any 6 month old, 2 year old etc. the parents must contact this loon Wen and sue her!

by Paul Alexander

What an outrageous moron this Wen is, her license must be stripped, she knows that healthy children do not need these shots, have near zero risk of severe illness or death and the shot is harmful

Under no condition, does your healthy child need these shots. Do not give them this COVID injection, healthy and normal, they have near zero risk and based on all the data we have collected for over 2 years, its the same today. They do not need these, trust their potent innate immune system. This injection confers no benefit and are not properly safe. Were not studied for the duration to exclude harms. They will kill healthy children and damage their potent innate immune system. I challenge any public health official to show otherwise. That means Fauci, Jha, Walensky, Njoo, Tam, Bourla, Bancel, Francis Collins etc.

Take Dr. Wen into court and sue her if your child dies, your health child, people like her, for she is a fraud to grant this interview and say what she said. Yes, we are good governance and we settle things at the polls and in the court, so take her to court when your child is harmed for many will be. Get her to defend the dangerous and reckless statements below in her CNN interview as she shills for these non-needed injections. Yes, she follows the $CIENCE.

See this CNN interview and it speaks for itself how insane these people are and what the media like corrupted CNN and nutjobs like this doctor are for she should be ashamed as she is threatening the lives of many healthy children and she cannot defend the data that the FDA and CDC used to approve these shots. She is literally shilling the injections. Don’t fuss, FOX does it too. Ask the nutjob if she can explain these 2 tables and the contents and how this shows efficacy or effectiveness:


“CNN: Let's start off with your family. You have a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. Have you gotten them vaccinated yet?

Dr. Leana Wen: Yes! I called my pediatrician's office as soon as the FDA authorized the vaccine to let them know that I wanted my kids to get vaccinated at the earliest possibility. The earliest appointment was last Monday, about a week after kids in the 6 months to 5-year-old age group first started getting their shots.

CNN: How did it go?

Wen: It was no different from any other vaccine appointment. My kids are used to getting childhood immunizations. They went into the office; I checked in and signed some forms, and they got their shots from the nurse. There were no tears. Both kids were very excited by their colorful Band-Aids.

CNN: Which vaccine did you choose?

Wen: My kids got the Moderna vaccine. That's what our pediatrician's office has at the moment.

I could see why parents who have a choice might make either decision. The Moderna vaccine is two doses compared (with) Pfizer's three doses, and a lot of parents might prefer to get the full series done and over with quickly. The Pfizer vaccine has been given to 5-year-olds and above since last November. Preliminary studies also indicate that Pfizer may have milder side effects due to the lower dose. Some parents might prefer it because it has a longer track record and possibly fewer side effects. Both vaccines are safe and effective, and I think a lot of parents will do as I did and choose whatever is most convenient.”

See tables 19 and 20 in my prior stack:

Table 19:

Table 20:


Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting June 15, 2022 FDA Briefing Document EUA amendment request for Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for use in children 6 months through 4 years of age

see also my prior stack on this:

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