CNN, maybe the most corrupted, banal, puerile, low-life bottom dweller vapid news media anti-Trump rag out there now reports that WHO experts are saying healthy kids & teens so low risk, no vaccine???

by Paul Alexander

Did I forget 'fecal'? After 3 years of utter nonsense, dangerous misinformation, devastating lies, duplicity, now CNN is trying to pivot?? no no no, I want Trump to burn CNN to the studs!

Take it down to the studs. While at it, take CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, HHS down to the studs, fumigate it. Put all those public servants, all those government agencies on Alcatraz, and some of them, 200 miles north of Anchorage deep in the tundra.

And btw, I mean the Canadian media too, what a fraud media in Canada, lies 24/7 to the public. Corrupted, shills, in the tank for the leftist liberal government. And the so called ‘conservative’ commentors are idiots, stupid literally. What do Canadians do?

Who is going to pay for the dead kids who took the fraud deadly mRNA technology shots? Who? I say hang them all high, once courts prove they caused deaths, hang them high! No amnesty.