Coffins for children, casket orders for children sized coffins up in US & Canada, under 5 foot sized coffins, bulk orders are reportedly increasing for the first time in decades; if true, OMINOUS!

by Paul Alexander

I am sharing the tweets and any intel on this, of course we are trying to verify this but we always take any evidence, including anecdotal into account as we understand what is happening and COMING!

This piece of sharing is very very troubling for me and very painful and frightening for you and I. Is this a signal of what is coming? One cannot say that increased casket volume, numbers, is due to the vaccines direct but is it? Could it be that straight forward? Is this a flag to signal to us, along with other evidences, that something is happening here and we have to be very very careful what we do next with our children and these COVID injections. We, Geert, Yeadon, myself, McCullough, Wolf etc. have said it is very dangerous to children…these injections will kill children. Has this begun? We need to investigate the veracity of this but this is very troubling as reported in media.

Record: Casket Maker Fears Mass Orders of Child Dimension Coffins Signal Impending Vaccine Deaths

Responding to a Twitter user who have claimed he’d spoken along with funeral directors about an unusual rise in children who died after being vaccinated, Canadian Twitter user @highesthalfling asserted his family’s casket business recently received two bulk orders for child dimension coffins.


Etana Hecht writes and she is a class act, intellect and serious and I trust this person’s accuracy and truthfulness fully:

‘We spoke to the family the master of one of the largest casket producers in North America. They supply caskets to huge chains across the US and manufacture Perfect Caskets, among others. It’s terrible to have to report upon such a thing, but the owners said that their sales of standard caskets have increased by 20%, and since Dec 2021 their sales of small-size caskets (under five feet, i. e, for children) have increased simply by 400%. He is not the only one talking about this, those in the funeral industry are well aware of the unexpected change in the nature of the business.’

See my friend Dr. Kory’s