Commercial plane will crash (maybe 2) & the FAA & NTSB & airline industry pulling flint from their navels; they know that occult asymptomatic (silent) cardiac damage is happening (silent myocarditis),

by Paul Alexander

they know that stress of take off and landing is when catecholamines (adrenaline etc.) are flooded into blood stream & that myocardium scarred from COVID mRNA technology shot can go to cardiac arrest

They just do not care until a couple of planes fall from the sky, its that simple.

It is all about the money. You play Russian roulette when you fly comercially today.


Dr. Roger Hidkinson has strong feelings on this and we debate and he is correct. So does Josh Yoder, great advocate.

We say that the airline industry must demand that no pilot enter the cockpit unless cleared for myocarditis, heart damage (as well as NFL players, all sports players, high functioning athletes, school bus drivers, anyone whose job entails stress and they took the shot; we are talking about vaccine induced silent myocarditis (occult heart damage) whereby stress causes the stress hormones (catecholamines) to bathe the damaged heart muscle and that places too much strain on the scarred heart and it goes into arrythmia and cardiac arrest or stroke e.g. Damar Hamlin, Bronny James, Jamie FOXX etc.) via:

1)high-sensitivity troponin T test



4)chest MRI with gadolinium contrast as allowable