Con all around! COVID, everything, government's actions, actions within Freedom Movement (anti-lockdown etc.) etc. was all a con! How can I say this? The truckers were the ONLY real Freedom Fighters

by Paul Alexander

The con was within the advocacy groups and the con was against the public, the public remains the greatest loser due to what was perpetrated on them by dark bad forces & the Freedom Movement

We lived a pure lie!

Before I start, I want to make it clear that not everyone in the Freedom Movement is a grifter and a grafter and a low life. I met many good people in the Freedom Movement whose heart is in the right place and they do want to help, however, many are grifters and IMO despicable because their focus is on fame and money. Not the well being of the public. COVID to many of the people I know is a money making venture and to them, COVID must not end.

Our children were ravaged and devastated. Poorer children, poorer women. All we did was shift the burden of morbidity and mortality from the laptop cafe latte ‘zoom’ class who could have afforded to shield, onto the poor in society. The more affluent loved the lockdowns for they could remote work, walk their dogs, catch up on reading books, go on vacations etc.

Yet I argue, had we done nothing, had there been NO response, had no actions been taken, none, not even the fraud deadly mRNA technology based vaccine, we would have been way better off, and far less people would have died and anyone wishing to debate me please get in contact and we will unpack the facts. All we needed to do was strongly double down triple down protect the vulnerable and isolate only sick symptomatic unwell people. Nothing else. Had we focused only on health and wellness, by taking steps to improve lifestyles e.g. reducing metabolic illness, looking after our bodies, our minds etc., then so many lives could have been spared.

How many more cons are to come? Because they, those in charge and those charged with implementing COVID policies, witheld the truth about the detrimental effects of the lockdowns, school closures, business closures, deadly vaccine, the truth about mask mandates etc.

The public was conned by:


1)big Pharma

2)government officials

3)public health officials

4)academia as to the scientists

5)medical doctors

6)and Freedom advocacy groups

The Freedom fighter COVID groups were driven by self enrichment. Self gain, and it became clear and evident to me that the motivation was not trying to put out truth, but rather to line their pockets. Enrichment with donor money. I was part of basically every group and led some, for I was there because of who I am (I was one of the initial fighters) and what leadership and technical input I brought to the table and could have and my face would give them credence. I was shocked by the lie. I recoiled in horror.

Even if they had ill motivations, if the public was made aware of the truth about things like mRNA technology, so that they could make informed decisions, then this would have benefitted the public.

Regardless of what their motivation was, the end result was not a good one for the public for the censorship and silencing even took place with the Freedom movement scientists and doctors by suppressing people who were raising much needed questions that needed answers e.g. questions about the mRNA technology and its harms etc. Focused questions. In proper forums. By expert questioners. Alliances were formed to damage those within the movement who were asking questions, not in the interest of disseminating truth to the public.

The drive by all listed was not, never saving lives. The drives was power, fame, greed/money, camera time, increasing hots and followers.

This led to the fragmenting and loss of cohesiveness and maintaining a unified battle that I am convinced, had the Freedom movement unified and not fallen victim to usurpers and interlopers and opportunists and some even with the devil’s hand, and worked as a mass unit, then we would have destroyed the wrongs that was put upon us by the governments and dark ‘unseen’ nefarious hands.

In essense these Freedom fighter groups were coning each other amongst themselves but also coning the public who only sought honesty and accurate information. The public was decimated.

Will life ever return to normalcy? No.

People got the mRNA technology based gene shot, either they got sick, will get sick, they will be fine or they will die.

The point is that the government acted as a murderer. The governement got away with murder here, big pharma got away with murder here, medical doctors got away with murder here, academia got away with murder here. All of these groups, and the media. And with all of the power that has gone to their heads, for they got away with it, they will try again via lockdowns and mandates etc. to control the population. They will seek an opportunity to do it again so I ask, how can we ever say life is back to normal. What kind of future do our children have to look forward to? Their lives are broken for the 3 years under lockdown lunacy will forever remain in gap in their lives and their future lives will show the gap.

It was a con!

All of COVID was a lie, from the virus, origins, release, lockdown lunacy, mandates, vaccine, all of it. Everything! We were lied to for over 3 years and lost 3 years of freedom and liberty over a lie and the Trump and Biden administrations did this.