Conservative activist and prior Project Veritas journalist Laura Loomer and Dr. Paul Alexander discuss POTUS Trump & why he is most suitable for US today

by Paul Alexander

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander and Laura Loomer discuss why President Trump is the best option for America now.

He has to say ‘I am sorry’ for the harms from the lockdowns and the COVID mRNA technology injections. The actual facts are that there is no evidence that any lockdowns, school closures, business closures, mask mandates or vaccine mandates etc. functioned to curb transmission or deaths. Not one study. These lockdown restrictive measures not only failed but did cause massive harms. No compelling evidence exists to support any of these restrictions and these must never be tried again on a population.

There is no way around that sobering fact for democrats and republicans and they were badly hurt from these measures, championed and implemented by Fauci and Birx (US COVID Task Force). POTUS Trump was also badly misled on Operation Warp Speed (OWS). He has to accept that and admit it. Saying ‘I am sorry’ is never a bad thing, it is the 3 most important words one can ever say. I set you free and you can build again. These words are needed for people were hurt at a very direct personal level. I do not blame him, but he must say these words. This is not a malevolent man, this is a good human being, a good man, decent, with his faults, but decent, America loving. Flag loving. I support him.

Read this in entirety. I write based on my background education at Oxford and University of Toronto as well as McMaster University, my brief work at Johns Hopkins in Bioterrorism under Dr. Donald Henderson, and the additional scholarship in the area in evidence-based medicine and clinical epidemiology, and work with the government of Canada as an epidemiologist, the US government in the Trump administration at Health and Human Services (HHS) as a pandemic advisor, my work at IDSA in Virginia, my work at World Health Organization in Europe, Switzerland, and Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Washington, DC.

POTUS Trump has faults and is not perfect, and has made mistakes, many, as are and have most if not all of us. His next moves are key. I certainly am very imperfect myself and full of blemishes and I am a stumbling bumbling error prone idiot at times. Yet I try to correct and work on me and to find a way to contribute to this world in my small way.

What happened during the pandemic response in the Trump administration was devastating as did in the Biden administration. Both Presidents depended on senior officials to provide the right information for decision making and while I am outraged and dismayed by what has happened under the Biden administration especially with forced mandating of the shot under threat of law and removal from society and earning a living, I do not blame Biden directly as I do not think he even understands the issues or where he is at times and it is sad to watch.

The vaccine mandates under Biden has killed people. Plain and simple. People have killed themselves after losing their jobs as could not survive. Yet he enacted what was decided upon by his top scientific people and with their inept, corrupted, politicized and often IMO malevolent health and regulatory agency people. POTUS Trump was never ever going to mandate any vaccine. Trump always felt the vaccines were safe based on Azar, Moncef, Bancel, Bourla, Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins etc. I worked in the Trump administration at HHS and can speak to that. He was subverted from within and dark malevolent people used the pandemic to damage his re-election. They worked to subvert him daily.

IMO, it is not even important to talk about what happened as much as it is for POTUS Trump to move forward and recognize the failures of COVID response and rest it at the feet of Fauci and Birx for really, it was their societal lockdown and school closures that devastated America. Americans were badly hurt by what Fauci, Francis Collins, Birx and others did. The blood is on their hands, POTUS Trump took their counsel. He has to say it, tell the public how much of a mistake that was, and accept the failure and ensure people understand his empathy and that he ‘get’s their pain. He has to stand against the fraud mRNA technology gene shots. No question. It failed and is harmful. No doubt he must move to get accountability and justice for democrats and republicans alike, hurt by all of it.

I now give some ideas for the optimal way forward.

POTUS Trump has to step up against the lockdowns and the fraud deadly mRNA technology gene injections. It is time. His people are behind him but he must step up now. He has to be firm that these injections must be removed from society and no child is to get them. In fact, no one, the risks far outweigh the benefits and there is no need for them now, especially when you consider the current mild sub-variants and examine the risk benefit calculus. He has to explain that he will remove liability protection and ensure no mandates will ever be in place, remove all and open society fully and he moves to get accountability from all who did wrong and conspired against his administration and the American people in COVID. He has to remove all in the PREP Act and CARES Act that hurt Americans. All. Reverse it. He has to ensure proper disease surveillance systems are in place to track the harms from the vaccines into the future and end the corrupted failed CDC VAERS system (or revamp it fully). He also must work to ensure some form of compensation for the victims of the COVID response including the vaccine (lockdowns to vaccines), so that people, republican or democrat, are made ‘whole’ again.

POTUS Trump I still support and believe he is the right person to address what wrongs Biden et al. have done to America. Yet he has to find the language to step up and address the devastation of the lockdowns and the fraud failed gene injection.

I am talking about who is best positioned to get what needs to be done, done. Now. No learning curve. What is at stake is very serious now for if America fails, the world fails. And someone driven by vengeance too. A vengeance to ensure those who did wrong are fully punished and that the America that was shaping up February 2020 that he was fashioning by his policies, be returned, and steps taken to bullet-proof his polices so that it cannot be undone in the future.

He must build and complete the wall he called for in 2015. No metal slat fence. A wall. Tall, thick, defended. He must be full law and order. Full swift punishment for any illegal acts.

IMO, the COVID mRNA gene injections were never ever needed in the first place for this manufactured, over-cycled PCR test driven non-pandemic. Every single aspect of the COVID pandemic was a lie and much of it was to damage POTUS Trump. Many players with varying dark subversive intent (e.g. Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, World Health Organization, WEF etc.), jumped onto the virus and declared pandemic so as to achieve their agendas. One was to hurt Trump. Time with proper investigations will tell us all.

COVID virus (a pathogen causing ILI, respiratory illness, pneumonia like and especially problematic to elderly vulnerable persons) was real. Let us not discount the hurt from the virus to elderly. We lost three things during this emergency i)we lost some elderly due to the ILI ii) we lost most from the harms of the lockdowns, how our vulnerable were treated in the medical system and iii) we lost our liberties and freedoms. Governments always move to accrue power and when they do, they will never give it back. We have to take it back at the ballot box and courts. They will maximally abuse it and you can never comply your way out of it. You have to fight in the courts and ballot box to take back your freedoms.

I will tease with this and I believe what I say here will be shown in time, 100% or close that, IMO, this virus was circulating at a low level, benign, way before February 2020 or even December 2019. I believe it was circulating in 2018 and across 2019 and most of the US and world had seen it prior and were immune at some level, and it was released but not intentionally. This pathogen was always circulating, and Fauci et al. knew it, they manufactured it. I believe what they did to create the fraud pandemic, was ‘detect it’ for the fist time in Feb-March 2020 with the sensitive over-cycled false positive PCR system. The used the PCR to spook Trump and create the emergency, detecting something they knew was already operating at a low level, escaping detection for as an ILI (influenza like illness), persons who got it were captured as common colds or flue etc. It did kill elderly etc. but not at great levels as operated as a respiratory virus and operated as it should. I do think between the lockdowns and how we treated people especially elderly from March, April, May 2020, we caused most of the deaths.

It is the treatment of our vulnerable persons early 2020 that caused most of the deaths e.g. sedating with midazolam and morphine, deadly liver and kidney toxic Remdesivir, ventilation etc. that blew holes in the already trauma lungs. Then the vaccine early 2021 caused another rise in deaths. In other words, across the last 3 years, the excess mortality was not from the virus but from the medical management or mis-management of people (sedation with powerful paralytics, DNR orders, while we prevented the use of antibiotics to treat the secondary bacterial pneumonia) and the ineffective deadly mRNA technology vaccine, as well as the lost and delayed medical care since all heart disease, cancers, diabetes etc. were put on hold. As such, ill people who were denied care due to the drive in making beds open only for COVID, progressed along their disease sequelae and died across time. These factors converged and caused the deaths, NOT the COVID virus. We in effect, created a fraud pandemic of deaths driven by hysteria and terrible and often near malfeasant medical treatment of our vulnerable elderly.

The malfeasants and corrupted inept health officials led by Fauci, Francis Collins and Birx, functioned to devastate POTUS Trump by lying and driving public fear about asymptomatic transmission being a key driver of the pandemic, recurrent infection pre-omicron era, natural immunity (robust and broadly protective) being inferior to vaccine induced immunity (a narrow antigen-specific focused immunity), the flawed over-cycled over-sensitive PCR process (picking up viral dust and fragments above 24 cycles), that we were all at equal risk of severe outcome if exposed (10 year old Johnny was at the same risk as 85 year old granny with 3 underlying medical conditions, disregarding what we knew quickly 2 weeks out of the gate that COVID was amenable to risk stratification and that there was a steep age-risk curve where baseline risk predicted severity of outcome), and that no treatments existed when we already had safe, cheap, effective therapeutics that were potent anti-virals (by way of multi-drug sequenced overlapping early treatment with anti-virals, corticosteroids, and anti-blood clotting agents). They lied. their daily lies doomed the pandemic response and they made a public health response become a political one to hurt POTUS Trump.

They did.

I believe it is not definitive that the COVID pathogen (virus) came from Wuhan, more than likely it was worked on there (as well as in other labs) but could have been released from US soil or Ukrainian soil. I believe the Ukraine biolabs as are labs in Winnipeg Canada, are implicated. I believe the Menachery et al. paper of 2015 (with Baric) as well as the one in 2016 tells us what they did in creating a chimeric coronavirus (using backbone bat coronaviruses) that could infect human upper airway epithelial cells. I believe what was released came from that published 2015 Menachery et al. NIH funded work. In other words, the US may be well heavily involved in the creation and release (accident or not) of this COVID virus.

Again, POTUS Trump must ensure:

1)these gene injections must never be given to healthy children, ever, since they never needed this as their risk of severe outcome or death if exposed to COVID was always statistical zero

2)no vaccine passports ever as this is an erosion of rights, liberties, freedoms; if a vaccine cannot stop transmission, then there is no societal benefit and as such, a vaccine passport is DOA, moot

3)end gain-of-function research

4)end liability protection

5)remove mRNA COVID vaccine from child immunization schedule

6)remove all vaccine mandates

7)shut down CDC’s VAERS and set up a new vaccine adverse event reporting system

8)empower doctors to prescribe therapeutics off-label

9)end all lockdowns, shielding e.g. social distancing etc. as any form of mandate, as well as mandatory masking; any restrictive measure in the future must always be voluntary, offered, suggested, and never mandated

10)investigate all persons and agencies involved in implementation and enforcement of COVID restrictive policies, from lockdowns to vaccines and all mandates

11)end any sort of funding of FDA or any government agency by pharmaceutical companies; this means any sort of funding arrangement

12)end mass testing and/or quarantine of asymptomatic ‘well’ non-sick persons

13)conduct a sweeping and immediate examination of all COVID policies that were implemented as part of the COVID response and emergency measures