Conservative activist Laura Loomer's recent substack gave me some heart burn & raises some troubling questions about Kent Stermon & Sen. Josh Kimbrell: did Kimbrell molest his son? Governor DeSantis

by Paul Alexander

must distance himself from these persons who appear to be tied to some form of sexual perversion and exploitation with minors based on the existing media reports; DeSantis must act now, cut ties!

Loomer’s substack is not for the faint at heart and I am for full openness and transparency. No censorship.

This reporting is very troubling and the Governor must move to separate himself from these individuals if the reporting is true. Important, I hold no opinion and my sharing is to show the types of stories out there, how vicious politics can be and is, and that the Governor must cut ties with these people so that they do not soil his name. This story is very troubling and Loomer has her supporters and detractors.

My aim is to share. That is all yet also call out crap too. It is a crap shoot for the Governor can be guilty by association when he is not. This is the life we live such that if your friend does a wrong and in the political game you could be tarnished. This is very unfair if its not true. I don’t believe that just because the Governor’s friend did that or did wrong, means the Governor is like that himself. This is such biased thinking and no one should use the terrible behavior of a friend of the Governor to claim he is same. This is what the nation and world is spiralling. We character assasinate so easily and readily. I am against this and do not think for one moment the behavior of these people can be tied to the Governor. No one should think this way. Same way I do not just believe what the media prints about Loomer. I judge people by my friendships and relationships with them and my view. The arc of them, not just one moment and not what the media says. My view. I do think the governor must sever relations and friendships with these people if this reporting is even 1% accurate.


EXCLUSIVE: DeSantis Having First South Carolina Event With State Senator Arrested For Molesting His 3 Year Old Son

EXCLUSIVE: DeSantis Having First South Carolina Event With State Senator Arrested For Molesting His 3 Year Old Son
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