"Controlled Opposition: the problem is McConnell and McCarthy, not Trump or DeSantis"; Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are bought and paid for Uniparty assets. Very dangerous men

by Paul Alexander

The Dossier, Jordan Schachtel; very good piece by Jordan, good scholarship and hones in on the real demons we face, this being McConnell and McCarthy who never answered to the American people

These men, among many in the congress and senate (and women), are owned by special interests, deep dark forces that buy them out. Own them.

For all of the editorial ink spilled this week about how Donald Trump is to blame for the lack of a “Red Wave,” or speculation about the DeSantis v Trump presidential debate, there seems to be very little attention paid to the institutional forces that have been running the Republican Party for decades.


‘America’s progressive, authoritarian shift has only accelerated under the stewardship of GOP institutional forces, represented today by the likes of Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Kevin McCarthy, both of whom may soon be anointed as the leaders of their respective chambers. These GOP frontmen and their facilitators are not merely weak, feckless politicians, they’re much worse than that.

Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are bought and paid for assets for a variety of interests, none of which represent protecting the individual freedoms of Americans. In exchange for the highest seats of power, these two men sold themselves out to the highest bidders many moons ago.

Yes, there are indeed some legislators (think: House Freedom Caucus, liberty-oriented senators, etc) within the Republican Party who truly act as bulwarks to the tyrannical statists in Washington. However, the people who are actually in charge of the GOP remain committed Uniparty assets.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the roommate of disgraced opioid huckster Frank Luntz, is said to be a major frontrunner to become the next Speaker of the House.

McCarthy, who has never held a real job, has spent his entire post-college life in politics. In other words, he has been working his entire life to accumulate power. The California congressman spent decades ingratiating himself with institutional power centers, helping to facilitate his rise through the ranks of congressional power. He has accomplished this by getting in the good graces of the powerful institutions that run Washington, D.C.

His atrocious voting record shows a man committed to the perpetual growth of government, in addition to unlimited spending, and continuous support for overseas military adventures. McCarthy is a man committed to the Uniparty, because the Uniparty is his ticket to power.

Trump OMB Director Russ Vought seems to believe that McCarthy’s quest for the speakership will not go as smoothly as it seems. Let’s hope he’s right.

McCarthy’s friend in the other chamber, Sen. Mitch McConnell, will likely soon again become the Senate Majority Leader. Unlike McCarthy, he will face no real opposition.

Akin to McCarthy, the 80 year old senator has never held a real job outside of politics. Like McCarthy, McConnell’s voting record shows a man deeply committed to the Uniparty way. He is an enthusiastic supporter of endless military intervention, the massive growth of government, and unchecked spending. The Kentucky senator spent the last few years prioritizing Big Pharma, Ukraine, and representatives of the biomedical security state over the American people. McConnell is corrupted beyond repair, by design, because that’s the way to get ahead in Washington.

The Republican Party in America today is controlled opposition within the D.C. blob, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Unfortunately, most of Congress is corrupted by these institutional forces that seek an increasingly authoritarian statist environment, so there is no easy fix.

Those DeSantis v Trump headlines, by the way, are being disseminated by the very institutional forces that seek to distract the American people from the institutional rot in the D.C. Beltway.

Liberty loving Americans have no obligation to support a party that prioritizes institutional interests over the American people. As long as these institutional forces stay in charge through bought and paid for frontmen like McCarthy and McConnell, the GOP will continue to remain controlled opposition.’