Corporal punishment, hitting your children, beating them to comply; I come from the British System where children are beaten & it is felt the 'best' thing; NO, it never was, I NEVER laid a hand on my

by Paul Alexander

kids, I despise anyone who does this, this dehumanizes a child, person, woman, an adult, this is why shackling was not enough in slave times, they were beaten to strip all power; dehumanize; NEVER do

IMO it is criminal to hit a child or threaten to, in any manner, not even in a joke, it denigrates them and lessens them and scars them, forever, never fall victim to it, do not do it, I grew in a society and family even where this was done, in islands, British nations etc. deemed acceptable. No, never do it. It never was, it was just you had power over a little person and that was the message. That they could do nothing. In response.

I beg, do not do it. This is my opinion and my sharing with you. We parent with love and understanding. Compassion yet leadership and firmness. You do not need beat another person to get them to listen. Do not shred another of their humanity.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, this is my sharing.