Could spike in COVID-19 cases across Europe mean fast-spreading winter wave? I warn about 'ELDERLY' elderly, those over 80 with medical conditions, very vulnerable to mild OMICRON, no immunity or VAX

by Paul Alexander

You see, not coming back to baseline, leaving massive virus circulating, susceptibles will be infected; issue is healthy young persons & strong immune systems will do fine, 'elderly' elderly will NOT

You tell me what they have to protect themselves with? I only think nasal-oral washes. Nothing else and reports are that the pneumonia and sequelae is aggressive in the ‘elderly elderly. I plead, guard your elderly elderly, they are in a very vulnerable position for they want to come out to play now after 2.5 years but lockdowns have damaged an already immuno-senescenced immune system. And the COVID injection does nothing for them, negative efficacy and causes them to become infected and get ill.

In other words, our elderly elderly are in a worse situation due to lockdowns, as we weakened an already weak immune system. Their older and more weaker immune system to OMICRON TODAY, is like their immune system to the initial Wuhan, 2.5 years ago, same thing. IMO.

OMI is mild for all else, not for our ‘elderly’ elderly. Be careful. Make sensible decisions. Guard them. Our governments and Fauci et al. did this. Never forget.

This is a high-level discussion we must have as we ‘open up’…they are not in a good place.