Could the COVID virus really come from a lab e.g. maybe the US military involved principally (but on the down low), but not from Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), but from a lab in US, Chapel Hill?

by Paul Alexander

I know 100% not any wet-market 'spillover' zoonotic 'jump', NO, but based on the players e.g. Baric (UNC Chapel Hill), Daszak (EcoHealth), WIV, NIH, NIAID, Fauci, Francis Collins etc.?, 100% lab!!

Are we ready to face, which is that persons in the US government, located within the US etc., were actually the leaders in this lab-made virus (pathogen, whatever you wish to call it), such that COVID is more of a US lab manufactured entity, yes, with WIV involvement, but a far more leadership role by the US e.g. Francis Collins, Fauci, NIH, NIAID etc.? People within the government? High-level people? Are we prepared to face that this pathogen etc. was circulating in 2018?

In other words, could this COVID madness be due to sinister viral research at laboratories led by the US? Even on US soil? NIH and NIAID etc. and their money, our tax payer money? Maybe WIV people were fooling around too, doing things they were not supposed to do e.g. implanting furin cleavage sites into spike proteins of various coronavirus strains to assess spillover potential, yet really led by US players. In other words this COVID pandemic could be due principally to a US lab development and release? Maybe developed in a US lab principally? So US China viral collaborative work?