COVENOM-19; Dr. Ardis, ABSOLUTE BOMBSHELL DOCUMENTARY - COVENOM-19; CIA use of shellfish toxin as a weapon (dart gun) to stop hearts of humans, congressional hearing in 1975

by Paul Alexander

Take a look, tell me what you think? Ardis is my friend and while he was attacked for his views, I have worked with him, a smart scientist, decent real patriot; very interesting; tell me your views


Otto does a good interview.

What is the link to Remdesivir? Are we inching closer to be able to say that the COVID gene injections are bioweapons? Is this a theoretical risk? Is this theory only? What exactly are we playing with here? What did they do to us with this virus/pathogen and the response with this gene injection? What? What do we need to know about the mRNA platform?

Lots thrown out here so let us have balance as we digest it and add to our knowledge base. It is about knowledge to help inform us.