Cover your ar*se (CYA) Boston University, now running for the hills with their chimeric coronavirus gain-of-function (GoF) research; Emily Erbelding, director of the NIAID division of microbiology

by Paul Alexander

& infectious diseases said that the University’s grant application was misleading & the research group didn't say it was doing research to possibly enhance a COVID variant; investigation now underway

Now an investigation by NIAID is underway as to how this could have happened. Mind you, sssshhhh, we won’t tell them, they approved the grant and gave the money, NIAID and NIH. sssshhhh, don’t tell them, just YET!

‘The NIH director Erbelding claims she only found out the experiments might have involved enhancing a pathogen of pandemic potential after reading reports in the media on Monday. Dr Erbelding admitted feeling uneasy about the type of research the grants had been used to fund — given the lingering questions about the role of virus manipulation studies and the origins of Covid.’

Note the death rate was 80% in the mice. They did not do a human study of course yet we extrapolate. So ensure we are talking about 80% in the mice but this could be 80% in humans, recognizing a primate study would have been the next best thing. Yet this is staggering. Moreover, Ebola and Marburg or even Nipah has a kill rate of 50 to 60% and this does not need to kill 80% in humans. If the mortality was 10% as was SARS-1 in 2003 or MERS (39%) middle eastern in 2012, it could wipe out half the globe. If it is as infectious as omicron. This was my and Bridle’s argument.

NIH/NIAID director running to the hills, trying to cover her ass, saying they were misled in the grant application.

OK, this is getting hot now for people know something is dangerously wrong here. Again, see my substack on this outrageously dangerous research and that of my esteemed colleague Dr. Byram Bridle but first see the photo of the lab and the researchers. Am I correct they are using the blue COVID surgical masks that did not stop any infection or transmission? And the discredited face shield. Does this lab look like a high-security BSL-3 lab? It is definitely not a BSL-4 lab that would have to handle that chimera lab manufactured coronavirus given its infectiousness and lethality. What I am looking at in this photo is insanely dangerous to the world! Where is the biological safety cabinets which filters both the inflow and exhaust air? Is this photo of their lab or their data entry computer space? The face shields are not on properly and the masks are not going to protect them from pathogen. Did they de-gown somewhere, step into a sanitary bath etc. before entering this computer room? With this clearly insufficient protective gear, is this the 6 foot social distancing rule Redfield et al. at CDC made up?

This is NOT the type of full properly ‘sealed (pressurized type facilities) protective gear needed for this high-risk chimera and this must be stopped NOW and this all destroyed. These researchers must also be tested. They in no way look protected and in no way look like their gear can stop them transmitting outside. This is disastrous! Is this the correct photo for if it is as reported, then this is very dangerous.