COVID-19 booster shots expected as early as next week; what you need to know is that it is already obsolete and will drive more sub-variants like EG.5 and BA.2.86 etc. It is ludicrous that they are

by Paul Alexander

bringing a XBB.1.5 booster that already will not match the dominant variants, setting up the stage for viral immune escape, original antigenic sin (immune priming, fixation); vaccinated at risk

Those taking the booster will not only have an ineffective vaccination, but will be at risk for infection as the vaccine is driving the vaccinated to become infected and also becoming severely ill.

Do not fall for the garbage, take none of these boosters (XBB.1.5), all of CDC and FDA knows it will fail as well as Bourla and Bancel and again based on mice model like for the prior BA4 and BA 5 bivalent booster, and not humans and based on sub-optimal research methods, patient important outcomes and using antibody levels etc. as the outcome of interest. This is utter garbage the FDA is allowing and partaking in.

‘The upcoming COVID-19 booster is expected to be available in the United States as early as next week -- potentially as soon as Sept. 13 -- and is expected to protect against severe disease and death from currently circulating variants.

First, the Food and Drug Administration is expected to authorize or approve the shots, which they have signaled they are likely to do within the next seven days.’