"COVID-19 is still killing hundreds of Americans each day, but is not nearly as dangerous as it was last fall and winter":, we say NO, do not be fooled, there is massive infectiousness in URT and

by Paul Alexander

blocked severe illness in LRT, but this is and can change, and it is due to the sub-optimal vaccinal immune pressure due to non-neutralizing Abs onto the spike; be warned! must stop VAX!

Stop the COVID injections NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not touch our children with these! Do not tamper with functional potent innate immunity in our kids.

I plead, just properly protect the vulnerable, use Vit D3, use early treatment, use prophylaxis, ventilate your environment, and let the rest of society live normal lives! Stop the COVID injection, it is prolonging the pandemic and driving the emergence of an infectious and lethal variant, at once.

We only get to herd immunity if we cut the chain of transmission; these vaccines induce non-neutralizing Abs that do not neutralize the virus and stop infection, in fact, as per Yahi et al. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8351274/), it facilitates infection in the vaccinated. Thus we cannot get to herd immunity.

It is either the infectious pressure from the circulating virus is reduced urgently or the vaccine is stopped. One of the two else the pandemic will last forever and the people, the pharma, the public health officials doing this know this. The irony is the more we vax, the more infection is produced. It is ridiculous and dangerous and Fauci and Bourla and Walensky and Francis Collins and Tam and Njoo know this. They know the disaster they are creating.

Do not be fooled, this reprieve or ‘nature’s gift’ (even Geert, Yeadon, Cole, McCullough, and I…we were initially fooled until we studied it deeply) is a wolf in sheep clothing, a Trojan Horse, as very serious LRT disease has started to emerge and these clowns are failing to understand the interplay between the virus and the host immune system and especially the role of the non-neutralizing Abs and the sub-optimal mounting immature immune pressure on spike (receptor binding domain and/or N terminal domain epitopes).

The pharma Pfizer and Moderna and these health officials at CDC, NIH, FDA etc. are either the most inept stupid people on earth, in virology and immunology etc. or are corrupted, bought out, or malfeasant. Chose. I say they are all.


For now, wary US treads water with transformed COVID-19