"COVID-19: 'We might not be in a great spot in the fall,' says Moderna CEO, Bancel"; he will not tell you it is the non-sterilizing nature of the vax that does not cut transmission that drive variants

by Paul Alexander

The Pfizer and Moderan CEO's Bourla and Bancel must be questioned under oath, IMO they have done great wrong with their fraud COVID data to FDA and these dangerous injections

"This virus is not getting less infectious," Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel told Yahoo Finance. "As you see more and more infectious variants ... We are not done with this virus mutating," he said.

The biggest risk in the fall, if boosting is delayed, is the potential for hospitals to fill up with those that are the most vulnerable all over again, Bancel said.” 

Bancel is a fraud, for the hospitals have had 2 years and billions in funding so will not be strained. If so, then many CEOs and government people stole the money for the hospitals etc. These beasts know that if you want to keep the pandemic going for 100 years with infectious variant after variant, you just keep using these injections…that drive variants and we could see emergence of a lethal variant that is a threat to humanity.


COVID-19: 'We might not be in a great spot in the fall,' says Moderna CEO