COVID ain't over for ELDERLY elderly (over 80 & medical conditions); mild omicron today is as severe as day 1 Wuhan legacy strain as elderly with conditions have a BROKEN immune system 2 yrs lockdown

by Paul Alexander

be careful with your 'elderly' elderly, not just aged, but the ones of concern are those with conditions, the lockdowns damaged their immunity beyond IMMUNO-SENESCENCE & failed gene vaccine

‘Elderly’ elderly are those over 80, older even, AND have medical conditions. They are not the same as an 82 year old with no conditions. They are way more vulnerable and remember, we all lose our immune system functionality with age. It is called ‘immuno-senescence’. It is a declining immune system with age and it is not a disease, it is just the decline of your immune system with age and why older persons must always take precautions, even prior to COVID era.

I am speaking about now, due to COVID and what we did to our elderly elderly with lockdowns. Our ‘elderly’ elderly are in a dangerous position now, especially those in developing nations without the proper medical infrastructure, for if you consider their elevated age (over 80), often excess body weight and in the African American communities, Caribbean communities etc., no early prophylaxis access, a vaccine that fails to protect the upper airways and confer protection from infection, replication, and transmission, with the vaccinee transmitting virus, then our ‘elderly’ elderly are in danger this coming winter.


When they get hit (infected) and they 100% will (every single person on earth will be infected with omicron and multiple times) and we make the mistake of taking them to the hospital, the COVID protocol of test, ensure positive so as to get ‘paid’. You admit, sedate (morphine, midazolam), intubate, ventilate, remdesivir. A quartet killer protocol.

Be warned, take care of your ‘elderly’ elderly, the vaccine has failed! Talk to your doctors now for your elderly elderly, as to how you want to manage them if infected.