COVID gene injection genocide, Fauci, Francis Collins, Bourla (Pfizer) & Bancel (Moderna), 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse; IMO criminals & if judges rule they caused death put death penalty on the table

by Paul Alexander

Proper judge & legal forums, lawyers, full works for both sides, if judges rule they are guilty of causing harms & deaths from injection, take money, imprison, put death penalty on the table

This battle to right wrongs and get accountability is for democrat and republican, regardless of your politics or ideologies.

We go long and hard and ensure each and anyone who had anything to do with the fraud lunatic lockdowns and caused deaths, Trump or Biden administration, with school closures, bring the Teachers union president into a courtroom too, with the deadly fraud COVID injection, bring them all, and have proper investigations and hearings and tribunals and let the court, the judges decide and if they say caused deaths and they suggests the death penalty, put it on the table. Put death penalty on the table for what these devils did, no simple ride off into the sunset with your pensions, NO! No amnesty!

We will forgive BUT we must get accountability and justice as per law, legal justice.

If courts say they did no wrong, we love and praise them. Celebrate them. If courts say they did, we harshly punish them.