COVID gene injections are imperfect & leaky & were deliberately made to inflict harm & death, a 'slow kill' on us in USA, Canada; ineptness alone can't do this; Excess deaths in UK & Scotland! why?

by Paul Alexander

Vaccine? This is either incompetence at the highest order to keep using a sub-optimal non-neutralizing injection that is driving selection pressure & more infectious variants (lethal), or malfeasance!

I think both, pure ineptness and incompetence as well as malfeasance; and I lean to sheer malfeasance. These reckless and dangerous technocrats at CDC and NIH and HHS and FDA and PHAC and SAGE know the harms of these injections but will not stop. They are not that stupid. Something dark is at play here. The injection makers Pfizer and Moderna IMO based on the data they submitted for EUA even for kids as young as 6 months, are criminals! Should be arrested if proper public legal inquiries show that they were reckless and dangerous and costed lives. I think it will. Arrest them all! All players in this COVID gene injection, no matter how high up it goes!

Also, marked excess death increases in Scotland and UK, but not due to the vaccines?


Number of excess deaths in Scotland is a ‘substantial issue’, experts say


Excess deaths are on the rise – but not because of Covid