COVID infections and cases in selected global nations today, July 14th 2022 & we see it's rising; why? it is the COVID vaccine, stupid, NOT virus, it is the vaccine that is causing this rise; Africa?

by Paul Alexander

The non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies are placing sub-optimal population immune pressure (due to mass vaccination across all age-groups) on the spike antigen and driving infectious variants

A bi-valent ‘omicron focused’ vaccine in the future will be as disastrous as this one for 1) it will be vaccinating into a pandemic a 2nd time with massive infectious pressure and sub-optimal immune pressure due to 2) the inclusion of the Wuhan spike that as we know is gone one year now and why we are in the situation we are in currently (the present omicron virus BA.5 clade is resistant to the vaccinal legacy Wuhan antibodies) and the omicron BA.4 and BA.5 spikes will likely by then have been displaced with a new dominant variant. This means the ‘future’ bi-valent more ‘omicron’ focused vaccines (if they are that stupid and moronic and well, they have shown us they are) WILL fail. WILL fail. You cannot include the long gone Wuhan legacy strain and the likely then displaced BA.5 sub-variant, as this will again, drive infectious variants to emerge.

As long as we keep using these failed ineffective harmful COVID injections, that do not neutralize the virus, and which places sub-optimal immune pressure on the spike protein, then via selection pressure (natural selection), variants that could overcome the immune pressure will be selected (fittest, hardiest) and become enriched in the environment and become the new dominants e.g. omicron. These will be the new infectious variants, clades and will not stop and this pandemic with these COVID injections will continue for 100 years. We will see rise in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths due to these COVID injections and the infectious variants. If the injection is stopped, then this will stop.

The good news is that with the infectiousness, the infections/cases are mild and we have no data to show it is more pathological than prior variants etc. What we do know is that there is more severe issues with BA.5 in vaccinated persons.

Use the nasal-oral washes e.g. povidone iodine (10% solution, 1.5 tablespoons and 250 ml distilled or sterile or boiled water) or hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite, diluted, swish and spit, no swallow, and with a Q-tip in the nostrils, as part of your daily routine especially if higher risk, and you are interacting in crowds. This is an exceptional preventative.

We strongly protect the elderly and vulnerable, use vit D3, use early therapeutic drugs (early treatment), good PSA messages, and we allow the rest of low risk society to live largely normal lives with reasonable common sense decisions. No masks, no lockdowns, no school closures.

We gave trillions $ in PPE and PPP money for hospitals to prepare over 2 years now. No hospital should say they could be over run and ‘strained’, for if so, then senators and congresspeople and MPs and MPPs and government officials and hospital CEOs and even doctors stole the taxpayer money. Investigate that.

But why are the rates so very low in African nations presented below?

So deaths are now rising in LA as would be expected if cases rise. Again, due to the vaccine causing massive infections in the vaccinated and thus as a result, deaths.

L.A. County coronavirus deaths rising fast as ultra-contagious BA.5 fuels infection wave