COVID is done, BA.5 mild, the wolf now is agitating, will rise again to harm us; protect your daughters; teach her to kill assailants with no mercy; NEVER leave primary scene as will not go home! GUN!

by Paul Alexander

COVID gave us reprieve as the wolf, he was scared too so laid low, but now that that the emergency is over (as he thinks), he is emerging' be careful our girls, fight for your life at primary scene

Ensure she gets a licensed gun, trains well, learn to shoot, practice, manage it well, safely and shoot to kill any assailant. That threatens your life! He is coming, he is agitating, you can see it in the news! Too many of our daughters, our women are missing, go missing! We will help the police by how we respond to an assailant entering your car or coming up onto you with a knife or gun etc. If your life is threatened and you feel this, then you take his! Period!

Every second you remain on the primary scene when the perp entered your car or placed the knife in your side telling you to move, every second to do not move, the chance of survival increases; every inch you move, the chance of survival dramatically drops. You only survive if you remain at the primary scene and fight for your dear life from second one! Everything he says not to do, YOU DO!

Teach her to take any sharp or even any object and plunge into his neck over and over, no mercy, punch him in the throat direct over and over, collapse his throat and you run and scream like hell, never trust him, never move the car, never ever move, fight as this is your last chance, you take that car into the wall, you do all you can to get attention and let him try to stab you or shoot, likely a 50:50 chance he will hit a non-vital and you live…but have no mercy on him! Never move one inch, if you leave the primary scene, you will never ever go home! You only have a chance if you remain at the primary scene.