COVID lockdown lunacy policies by FAUCI & BIRX & FRANCIS COLLINS seriously harmed our children; I argue their immune systems are terribly weakened now & damaged from lockdowns & masks; we harmed them

by Paul Alexander

I think we will see illness in kids we prior had under control, new illnesses, benign illnesses will now be a problem for them; under no condition, do parents give healthy kids these harmful injection

Children immune systems are damaged and vulnerable now, as we did not tax and tune it up as needed on a daily basis. I fear these COVID shots will ravage it further. You do know that the shots are non-neutralizing and can bind to the virus but not eliminate/stop infection. The high-affinity vaccinal antibodies (for the antigen) can and do subvert (outcompete) the natural innate antibodies (low affinity for the antigen) in children that usually broadly and potently protects them. Also, the immune system falls flat for approximately 2-3 weeks post shot. This is one of the reasons we saw and felt many of the harms and deaths accrue in the first week or so post shot (see CDC’s VARES).

Lockdowns and masks never ever worked, nowhere globally, not even in USA. They not only did not work, they harmed and killed people. All the social distancing and shelter-in-place madness that was unsound and without scientific basis. These have harmed our children’s immune systems. You wait and see.

Stand your ground!!! Do not give and inch with these COVID injections as to your kids! No matter what FDA rules, no matter what CDC and NIH corrupted officials say; children are at near zero risk for severe illness from COVID and the shot confers no benefit yet has proven itself to be harmful.

Stop the masks, they are ineffective, do not work, have never worked in COVID, and are harmful.

I have always said and will again, that all of these people at CDC and NIH e.g. Fauci et al., we must go back and examine all decisions and every dollar spent in the name of COVID response. We examine every contract. We use proper legal inquiries, public inquiries with proper judges and process. Everyone is always entitled to defending any action. And if proper legal inquiries show that they were not reckless and they operated above board and used the data properly, and their decisions were not malfeasant etc., then we praise, we reward folk if we have to, and they get their pensions and the like. We ensure they are not disparaged. We leave people alone and we all try hard to learn from our mistakes. However, if it is shown by peers in legal processes and inquiries that CDC, NIH, FDA and similar health officials made reckless, dangerous, harmful decisions that actually caused deaths, resulted in people dying, then we hold them to account. If the process calls for penalties, then we impose penalties. We impose financial penalties and we even imprison them! The nation would then need proper accountability.


More than 150 Comparative Studies and Articles on Mask Ineffectiveness and Harms

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