COVID lockdown, masking, vaccine hysteria again! LIES! the COVID Taliban, the Pandemicists, the lockdown lunatics, the mRNA inventors & vaccine makers are at it again! With the sub-variant EG.5,

by Paul Alexander

BA.2.86, XBB.1.5, FL etc., listen to me, its all specious bullshit, its pure 100% lies! DO NOTHING! Listen to NO government! They failed February 2020 to now & trying to steal elections again!

100% of everything to do with this fraud non-pandemic driven by a fraud over-cycled PCR process where we were 97% false-positive, yes, you read it right, 97% of those taken out of society or schools were NEVER positive for infectious or lethal COVID, NEVER!

That was the key, they knew any PCR amplification over 24 cycles was detecting non-infectious non-lethal pathogen (viral dust, fragments, old virus etc.) of no consequence! CDC, NIH, FDA, PHAC, SAGE, Health Canada academically sloppy, intellectually lazy, moronic, stupid, inept, corrupt, incompetent, reckless health officials…they knew they were harming and killing people but DID NOT care!

They are at it again! They also can point to not one policy, not one COVID shielding action that worked. Not one! Same way we can say not one healthy child across the last 3.5 years got COVID infected and were harmed and died, NOT one! They know that too! In America, Sweden etc. Not one!

Follow the money!