COVID pandemic, the entire pandemic, from virus to vaccine, all of it, 100% of it, was a hoax, a fraud, Trump was right INITIALLY, a lie of biblical proportions inflicted upon humanity & they

by Paul Alexander

stole 3 years of our lives & killed us by their restrictive polices where we could not get hospital care (all beds set to COVID ONLY) & their lockdown lunacy & the vaccine harms, & medical management

This was never ever a pandemic, not one aspect of it, and the IFR early on told us this; this was not a new novel respiratory virus, and the vaccine failed out of the gate to sterilize the virus (could not stop infection, replication, or transmission), being ineffective and deadly.

It was all a lie and we lost lives needlessly and it is why we go after them who did this and drag them into proper legal courts with judges and let the court decide and if the court says prison time, we jail them from Fauci to Bancel to Kariko to all and if the court says the death penalty, then we hang them high!