COVID policies & actions by governments, technocrats, COVID Task Forces, Science Tables, medical establishment (medical doctors, State Licensing bodies/Colleges of Physicians & Surgeons)...

by Paul Alexander

the medical journals, editors, vaccine developers Pfizer & Moderna & their CEOs Bourla & Bancel, that MUST be investigated & examined in proper public inquiries in ALL nations, USA FIRST!

We need urgent and ongoing inquiries and investigations in proper legal settings so that all lockdown and school closure policies and the COVID vaccines and EUAs can be examined so that this disastrous unscientific COVID pandemic response can never EVER occur again, and the harms and deaths due to the policies are not forgotten. We need full accountability including financial penalties and up to imprisonment if wrongdoing in COVID responding by government officials, public health officials, medical establishment/research establishment, and/or vaccine developers is properly and legally shown:

We need each and every person responsible for COVID policies that harmed and killed people, to answer for what they did, and how they arrived at that policy. Who made the policy? Who made the decisions? And we want to examine each and every person in the decision chain.

The evidence that they used to inform their harmful policies must be examined. The type of issues that must be examined urgently are (and these were largely led and perpetuated by the US’s COVID Task Force members, technocrats, and bureaucrats):

The lies and misleading duplicitous policies and positions:

1)The misleading unscientific declaration that all persons exposed to COVID virus were at equal risk of severe outcomes and mortality, and hence the need for carte blanche across the board lockdowns; we knew in a matter of weeks that COVID was amenable to risk stratification and that baseline risk was prognostic on the severity of outcome; we knew that a focused ‘age-risk’ stratified approach was needed and not an across the board restrictive policy that did more to harm and kill thousands (including children) needlessly

2)The intentional lie about ‘breakthrough’ cases and how they were defined; these are actually vaccine failures

3)Which public health officials, government officials, policymakers etc. had direct ties to the vaccine development companies Pfizer and Moderna, with direct interests in the vaccine

4)The lie about recurrent infection (re-infection) at the start of the pandemic (February/March 2020); note this is not taking into account the immune pressure placed on the infectiousness of the virus (spike) by the sub-optimal non-sterilizing vaccinal antibodies (Abs) (non-neutralizing Abs)

5)The lie that asymptomatic, well, healthy persons transmit infection/disease

6)The lie that natural immunity was inferior to vaccinal immunity

7) The lie that the vaccine reduced the risk of hospitalization, ICU, ventilation, and death

8) The lie that the COVID vaccines were safe and effective despite not being properly tested

9)The lie that existing safe, effective, cheap, and approved anti-virals were ineffective and unsafe in treating COVID

10)The devastating lie that remdesivir (failed Ebola drug) was safe and effective and its continued use in hospitals when we knew it was causing kidney and liver toxicity/failure

11)The lie that ventilators (ventilator intubation) were safe and effective and would reduce the risk of death when we witnessed that ventilator use caused many to die

12)The lie that anti-viral drugs for chemoprophylaxis were unsafe and ineffective

13)The lie that mass testing of asymptomatic persons was correct and effective

14) The lie that there were no available early treatment drugs and one would have to wait for the vaccine

15)The lie that sequenced and combined multi-drugs (anti-virals, corticosteroids, and anti-clotting/anti-platelets) were unsafe and ineffective in treating COVID

16)The lie that early treatment did not cut the risk of hospitalization and death by near 90%

17)The lie that mass quarantine/isolation for asymptomatic persons was effective

18)The lie that the RT-PCR test could differentiate between old and existing infection, and could differentiate between RSV, common cold, influenza, and COVID virus

19)The fraud that the needle should not be aspirated to limit or prevent access to the blood vessels

20)The fraud and lie that the cycle count threshold (amplifications) used in the PCR test above Ct of 35 was still picking up infections, viable, culturable virus and not virus junk and fragments, etc.

21) The lie that myocarditis after the COVID vaccine was rare and the symptoms mild

22)The lie that the vaccine content (LNP, mRNA, spike) stayed in the injection site only and only migrated to the local lymph draining nodes as part of the immune response

23)The lie and fraud that lockdowns, school closures, church closures, business closures, and mask mandates would stop transmission and death

24)The lie that blue surgical face masks and white cloth masks (man-made face coverings) were effective in cutting transmission and death

25)The lie that non-sterilizing COVID vaccines with the non-neutralizing antibodies do not drive the emergence of infectious variants (immune escape)

26)The lie that VAERS deaths are not due to the COVID vaccine

27)The lie that facemasks were not harmful and especially for children

28)The lie that the COVID virus only spread via droplet infection and not via an aerosolized route

29)The fraud and lie that the COVID vaccine was the only way to stop the pandemic, spread, and deaths

30)The lie of the 6-foot social distancing rule that was not grounded in science

31)The lie that big box stores like COSTO, SAMS, Walmart, etc. could remain open with no increased risk, while small businesses posed a huge risk for transmission and deaths

32)The lie that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, as this was a fraud duplicitous statement and counting all infections, hospitalizations, and deaths for 14 days post vaccine as ‘unvaccinated’ helped perpetuate this fraud; these were actually vaccinated persons

33)The ‘give us two weeks to bend the curve’ lie when they have had over 2 years and billions in PPP/PPE and hospital taxpayer money to prepare, yet announcing that OMICRON has strained hospitals; an examination of where the money has gone and who have benefitted from bogus contracts, etc.

34)The lies around EUA issuance and the underlying vaccine data

35)The lies around the travel and vaccine mandates and emergency powers

36)The fraud around liability protection for vaccine developers and all associated with the vaccines

37) The failure to recognize the covid recovered and natural immunity status of individuals

38) The recognition by the FDA in the legacy trials of the risks of the experimental vaccine to pregnant women, women of childbearing age, covid recovered persons, persons 65 years and older, and children, yet then allowing the administration of these experimental vaccines to these same excluded groups; results from a study can only be extrapolated to groups who were part of the study and this must be investigated

39) The reports that the FDA, Pfizer, and Moderna are rushing to approve the vaccines in June 2022 in children, with the intent that once a vaccine is approved for children, then the vaccine developers cannot be sued under torte, and adults could also access the very same children vaccine; this is a workaround for adults given the FDA cannot grant full BLA for adults based on the effectiveness and harms that have emerged

40) The lie that repetitive boosting is safe; this was not studied by the vaccine maker nor mandated for study by the FDA, and along with the failure to study ADE, this is a catastrophic failure by the FDA as the oversight regulator

41) The failure of the FDA to mandate that vaccine developers study the harms and safety signals over the proper duration of follow-up; has to be investigated

Dr. Robert Yoho reminded me about this and I wanted to share again.