"COVID Rates Back Above 20% in Parts of Manhattan as Virus Rebounds"; but Vanden Bossche & I & others have been warning, as long as you mass vaccinate across multiple age-groups, into a pandemic using

by Paul Alexander

a non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing vaccine that induces antigen-specific, high-affinity vaccinal Abs that don't stop infection like these, then natural selection will select for infectious variants



I have written and spoken many times that CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, Francis Collins, Fauci, Walensky, Bourla, Bancel, Ashish Jha et al. know what they are doing that they will kepp this pandemic ongoing for a century with these non-neutralizing vaccine. I, Yeadon, Vanden Bossche, Risch, McCullough et al. have been screaming out to stop. Why?

The fact is that any rapid mass vaccination campaign that utilizes a sub-optimal antigen-specific non-neutralizing vaccine (such as the COVID vaccines) and with vaccination across all age groups, and into the pandemic (in the midst of an active pandemic of a highly mutable and highly infectious respiratory virus with high infectious pressure as is now) can only generate a continued series of dominating new variants that are increasingly infectious, increasingly vaccine-resistant (due to “viral immune escape”), and inevitably more virulent (potentially lethal).  In short, the mass vaccination campaign that has been implemented during this COVID pandemic since January and February 2020 can potentially keep the pandemic going for many years with a potential more virulent sub-variant emerging. As you know, infectious variant after infectious variant is emerging. The variants will only stop when the vaccine is stopped.

Importantly, children bring statistical zero risk of severe illness or death from this COVID virus and this was the same across near 3 years. The data is stable. In the US, no healthy child, same in Sweden, Germany etc. has died from COVID due to being infected, across near 3 years. Not one! This is the data the media will not tell you. The immune system of children needs to be educated and trained for life-long optimal functionality. The vaccine implementation will damage and subvert the initiation of education and instruction of the innate immune system in children (the first line of immunological defense).  It is critical that you as parents understand this.

Parents must understand that when the COVID injection is given to young children, this (the vaccinal antibodies that are induced due to the vaccine) prevents the child’s innate antibodies (vaccinal antibodies outcompete and sideline innate antibodies from binding to the virus and training the innate immune system, NK cells) from eliminating the virus they are confronted with now, and prevents the active training and teaching of the innate immune effector cells on how to recognize (glycosylated) viruses and distinguish them from “self” antigens (i.e., distinguish between “self” and “non-self.”).

This is a critical window of training for any immune system to learn at an early stage of life (once passive maternal immune protection is no longer available e.g. at about 4 to 6 months post birth) so as to provide for a healthy and appropriate immune response, immediate and life-long. This interference with the initiating foundational education of a child’s developing innate immune system (impacting the innate antibodies and the natural killer cells (NK cells)) can cause a COVID-vaccinated child to be less capable of handling glycosylated viruses (and glycosylated pathogens in general, as well as a range of pathogen). This predisposes such children to immune pathology (e.g., autoimmune disease). 

More details from GVB:

‘Antibody-based vaccines teach the immune system to produce high levels of antibodies that are directed against the surface protein that is responsible for initiation of viral infection. Due to their high specificity and strong binding capacity, these vaccinal antibodies (Abs) outcompete the child’s innate antibodies for binding to the virus[1].  This not only sidelines virus-neutralization by the natural innate immune system but also hampers the ability of innate antibodies to educate the innate immune system’s NK cells (Natural Killer cells) regarding NK cell recognition of (and appropriate response to) molecular self-mimicking patterns that are expressed on virus-infected host cells (or pathologically altered cells). This is particularly problematic when mass vaccination campaigns are conducted during a pandemic as those drive natural selection and dominant expansion of more infectious immune escape variants.’