COVID response under Trump & Biden are the greatest disasters in history. Buy a ticket to watch US Open, don't need to prove vaccine, YET has to prove to be a player like NOVAK? So walk across border!

by Paul Alexander

Novak should just grab his gym bag and rackets and walk across the border for as White House says, it is different UNVACCINATED if you walked across the border versus flying in??? MADNESS!

Big props to McEnroe, big stones John!

Novak will go down as the greatest to ever play the game!

How the hell could the illegals walking across the border and Novak not be same? Is it because he flies in? Then Novak needs to walk in. If it is because they are claiming to be illegals and refugees so they don’t need to vaccinate, that absolves them, then this is reckless, nonsensical and absurd and asinine. Well, I guess I summed up Biden’s White House in these 4 terms. So Novak must now go to the US border with Mexico, and walk in. With his rackets. Never ever take the clot shots and just do this for the next couple of years. But while some of those migrants will be carrying Fentanyl originating (pre cursors) from Wuhan China, birth place of the COVID manufactured intentionally released pathogen to topple a sitting POTUS, he should not touch any drugs or be part of that.

He should walk across the border and take a taxi to Flushing Meadow and go play and tell the US Open people shove your stupid rules and the CDC, tell the CDC, you stupid idiotic morons, you assholes, shove your crap non-sensical COVID rules that have no scientific basis, up your technocrat asses, you fuck*ing idiot, and then proceed to play, tell them, ‘I just walked across the border and I do not intend to stay long term’. Then it’s done. You can stay forever in the US and play now. And stand in the middle of the court, and give the CDC and WH the double barrel bird as such: