"Covid vaccinations for children under age 5 to begin as early as June 21, White House says"; Ashish Jha, Fauci, Francis Collins, Walensky, CDC, NIH, all know this is criminal; healthy kids will die!

by Paul Alexander

They all know healthy children do not need this, and that antibody levels are not a proxy of immunity and that the trials were bull sh*t frauds by Pfizer and Moderna, undersized and short duration

They all know they are about this for greed, power, cannot let up for the goal is to get these in the arms of adults…going around the process for FDA CANNOT grant these COVID mRNA shots full BLA approval based on the existing efficacy/effectiveness and poor safety…CANNOT…thats why it has remained on EUA…only on EUA is there liability protection and as an approved child vaccine, BLA, it gets liability protection…

terribly poor study methodology, based on antibody levels that is a bogus proxy of immunity. They did not study deaths, ICU, infection, hospitalization. You cannot study outcome if the risk is zero (0) in the control baseline group. How would you get less than zero in the treatment/vaccine group? You cannot. There is no need for this.

This is a scam and the sad part is they, the horsemen, know healthy kids will be harmed and die from this. Adults have. You are bypassing their immunological protective mechanisms via their potent pre-activated innate immune system (nasopharyngeal passages) where such respiratory viruses land and where the immune response is potent and ready, and needed at a mucosal level, and as such, by vaccinating into the deltoid, driving antibodies systemically where they are not needed and when we know the content of the vaccine and spike protein (the toxic portion) enters the blood stream and damages the vasculature walls as an endothelial pathogen, causing clots and bleeding. The data is there, published.

They do not care.

These are the horsemen of the Apocalypse of modern times…

The four Horsemen are Fauci, Bourla, Francis Collins, and Bancel.

Covid vaccinations for children under age 5 to begin as early as June 21, White House says