COVID vaccine adverse events; pharmacovigilance reporting of Covid-19 vax in four (4) vaccine adverse event reporting databases: VigiAccess (WHO), CDC (VAERS), EudraVigilance (Europe), UK Yellow Card

by Paul Alexander

Present data indicates tens of thousands of deaths & millions of adverse effects due to the COVID-19 injections in these 4 vaccine databases; this is a clear safety signal warranting STOPPING, NO kids

7,000,000 (7 million) adverse events.

What evidence do we have from these 4 vaccine adverse events reporting systems?

Firstly, 53,000 deaths yet we know VAES as an example captures at most 10% of the burden.

Approximately 7,000,000 adverse events e.g. in WHO (3,800,000), VAERS (860,000), EudraVigilance (1,800,000) & UK Yellow card system (450,000)


1)The World Health Organization (WHO) – VigiAccess

2)The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) –  Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)

3)EudraVigilance – European Database of Suspected Adverse Drug Reaction Reports

4)Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency – UK Yellow Card Reporting Site