COVID vaccine bioweapon unleashed on the US population (& globe): why would I conclude this? You think about it, it is rolled out i) during pandemic so will fail with variants ii)uses a lethal spike

by Paul Alexander

Imagine if you will, a more perfect bioweapon to slow-kill a population; you can't! A vaccine rolled-out while virus circulates will drive variants & uses a target antigen spike that is lethal

First, I head to Washington for a closed door with Senator Johnson and others on COVID and way forward in the new congress, and an open door session on Wednesday. Will share on return and photos of course.

Key point to understand, the mean/median age of death from COVID remains 82 years old now November 2022, same as in February 2020, yet the average life expectancy is 79. COVID did not cut life short. Remember that point.

This was a deliberately created scare and hysteria and the plundering, the stealing of near 15$ trillion tax payers money. See who have money now and bought homes and now millionaires over COVID relief money, but check congress people first, and look for their bag men, and of course you won’t see it in their hands. Look seriously, you will find. Like how Ukraine is a slush fund piggy bank for these government crooks, so too was COVID. As I said, many came to the trough to gorge. And still are. Both sides. See whose family and friends got rich off COVID. Your money.

I argue that this pandemic and fraud vaccine (was dead on arrival out of the gate and the vaccine never ever worked (not effective and not safe), the data Pfizer and Moderna sent to FDA was fraud and the FDA was in on it) was a deliberate kill off, a eugenics program of sorts against the US, the world. I argue that without the response, without the vaccine, there would have not been appreciable or substantial more deaths. I mean that. I alluded to that prior in substacks.

The deaths of our elderly and vulnerable were largely due to the medical system treatment and denial of early treatment. It is what we did to our vulnerable and elderly, it is the treatment in the hospitals and medical system with sedation, isolation, neglect, midazolam, Remdesivir, lethal toxic drugs, intubation and ventilation, and the effects of the lockdowns, that killed them. Yes, the lockdowns too helped kill our vulnerable elderly, especially when we dragged them out of the hospitals to ‘free up’ space. We killed our people and for that I have always said, lock them all up who did this.

The denial or early treatment and the mistreatment. We likely would have never known there was a circulating pathogen, and I argue it was circulating for years prior. We just ‘detected’ it early 2020 to topple Trump. Many malfeasants used this to their benefit, one was to topple Trump.

They did. Read my book, Presidential Takedown.

When you think of it, it is perverse what they have accomplished and ingenious.

I think they have only just begun and in a weird twisted way, POTUS Trump maybe was the ideal person to ‘buy into’ the fraud gene injection and operation warp speed. I think they understood his ego such that they knew he would be driven to fix the ‘now detected’ virus (using the over-sensitive over-cycled RT-PCR test that any cycle count above 24 was detecting viral dust and fragments) that was circulating for a while that they knew. I say again, this virus was circulating for several years and they knew, those involved, they released it, they just ‘detected’ it to take out Trump with the response that Fauci and Birx implemented. My God, how clever.

But now they would ‘detect if officially’ and needed the right person who would above all seek to fix the danger and protect his people and with an ego to want the fame and glory for the ‘win’. Someone whose ego would focus on the ‘win’ and glory and not get that you cannot, in no circumstance take a 15 year drug or vaccine development process and boil it down to 4 months and expect the vaccine to be safe.

He bypassed this critical thinking ONLY because while his ego sought the victory, he trusted them. He did really trust his counsel. His trust, his blind trust of these health officials hobbled his capacity to ask the right questions and to push back. His gut instincts are always right and he had them here, but ego overrode them here, and his trust. He should have never trusted. These were and are sick deadly people.

Trump was it, perfect candidate. They IMO found the right candidate to help unravel their plan. His wanting to do good and fix this virus and protect his peoples, and seeking glory, doomed it all. IMO. This is not about blame. This is sick dark people with agendas using an unsuspecting person in Trump that in some sense still today, does not understand how much he was snowed and ‘had’. We payed the price as the people.

Imagine that, they used the very same part of the virus that causes end-stage lethal COVID (raving the vessel vasculature across the entire body) as the target antigen for the vaccinal antibodies and they rolled it out constantly when there is circulating virus. Natural selection pressure will function to drive infectious variants repeatedly. You are loading your weapon (vaccinal antibodies) as the enemy (the virus) is on the battle field. How can you defeat the enemy then? You cannot. Your battle will be hobbled and sub-optimal.

This gene injection vaccine was designed to fail and to keep the pandemic ongoing for 100 years and to slow kill the population. I have not even gotten into the minutia in this ‘slow-kill’ weapon yet. But think of what I am saying. This IMO was a deliberate slow-kill using a bioweapon designed as a vaccine to help you when it did not, can not, and WILL not ever work. You see that now, you need a 5th shot, you are on the booster treadmill you can never get off of. They have taken you to vaccine negative effectiveness and soon you will need a vaccine IV booster bag 24/7. Sit back, you shall see.


I can only conclude that this was deliberate. Those involved cannot be that incompetent and stupid. This is gross ineptness and a combination too of either reckless negligence or criminal negligence. I think a combination.

I am saying that it appears that a deliberate effort has been made to cause death on innocent people. Why would they continue with boosters if I am wrong? Knowing that the current BA.5 sub-variant clade is so mild and that near 100% of the population is immune (has some form of immunity) and that the median age of death is still about 83 years with 2-3 (at times 6) underlying medical conditions that would kill granny absent of COVID.


See this stack by Peter Halligan, I will write more on this later today and this interview by Rancourt. Beautiful. Proud Canadian. Support Peter.

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