"COVID Vaccine Hesitancy and Risk of a Traffic Crash"; only moronic researchers in Canada could publish this garbage study to go get the injection to reduce risk of traffic accidents; CORRELATION?

by Paul Alexander

Did the dimwit authors not consider that this is correlation & that does not mean causation (we all know that) e.g. vaxxed people are those who hide away in their basements; brave unvaxxed live life!

These researchers should be ashamed and more importantly, not allowed to published anything again. But then again, the medical journals and medical journal editors and the entire journal publishing system is rotten and corrupted. COVID really helped show us how flawed and rotten and disgusting this all is. It was always a joke, a money-making politicized fake joke ran by pharma.


COVID Vaccine Hesitancy and Risk of a Traffic Crash

Maybe the vaccinated are risk averse and so stayed shut indoors after their vaccine and do not venture out as much as the unvaccinated. Maybe the vaccinated when driving suffer health emergencies and crash into the unvaccinated. Did they think of this? Do we have the vaccine status of the drivers who crashed into the unvaccinated? It is ludicrous to conclude in this study that you reduce your car accident risk by being vaccinated. Can these imbecilic researchers then explain the car accidents before COVID? Only Canadian researchers would do this study and write this tripe!

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