COVID Vaccine-induced silent myocarditis? Can it rear its devastating head at ANY time? McCullough, Stock, Makis, myself etc. have been talking about 'dying at dawn' as you rise or on the athletic

by Paul Alexander

field or in the cockpit (pilots) due to stress and the release of catecholamines (adrenaline etc.) onto a scarred heart myocardium; but this case of Maddox McCubbin shows it can strike ANYTIME!

We were wrong, it appears myocarditis (if it were silent with no symptoms) and the resulting cardiac arrest can hit at any time, not just early morning or in heightened activity. It seems it may happen ‘at rest’. This is very dangerous. The heart’s myocardium (muscle) is scarred from COVID mRNA vaccine-induced myocarditis. The electrical conduction is impacted life long. You are in a stressful situation, the myocarditis (symptoms) is silent, the flooding adrenaline in response to the heightened activity baths the scarred myocardium and it is too much for the heart and strains it and irregular beats emerge. The heart is under strain and beats erratically. You are then at risk for cardiac arrest and death. This is what we mean by vaccine-induced silent myocarditis that is provoked when in a stressful situation, due to the adrenaline released (catecholamines such as epinephrine etc.).

I provide portions from the new reports on this case:

‘Her son, 16-year-old Maddox McCubbin, had collapsed at Moline High School during study hall. No one had a lot of information at first.’


Maddox McCubbin’s (16 year old) case is instructive and had it not been due to a quick thinking nurse, he would be dead. ‘After collapsing and having a sudden cardiac arrest during class, just 12 days later, 16-year-old Maddox McCubbin was on stage starring in The Wizard of Oz.’ Yet it could have been far worse.

"I'm so lucky that Moline High School was so well trained and well prepared because they truly were," she said. "The doctors at the University of Iowa commended nurse Amber and her team over and over again because every single thing they did was the right thing. And if anyone had done one thing differently, he probably would have had a different outcome."

‘Hoogheem said he was lucky it happened during school hours when there were nurses around, adding that it might not have been the same outcome if the cardiac arrest happened an hour later at play practice. He was also lucky an AED was housed so close to the classroom he was in.’

"We have three (AEDs) housed in the school and one on the soccer field, but they're all on the first floor by The Bartlett Center, the pool and the Athletic Center," Hoogheem said. "If that had happened on the third floor, and we had to make it down to first floor and back up, we would not have been within that three minutes."


Dr. William Makis weighed in nicely too and wrote a very good substack.


‘This is an extremely important case because it proves that COVID-19 mRNA vaccine induced myocarditis can lead to a sudden cardiac arrest not just during exercise (seen when athletes collapse on the field), or during early morning hours (when there is a surge in stress hormones preparing your body to wake up).

COVID-19 vaccine induced myocarditis can strike AT ANY TIME.

This 16 year old boy flatlined. TWICE. He was extremely lucky that there was a nurse who shocked him with a defibrillator repeatedly and brought him back to life.

His mother’s ignorance almost killed him.’

Was Maddox COVID-19 vaccinated?

16 year old Moline High School student Maddox McCubbin collapsed during study hall (click here)

Was he COVID-19 vaccinated? The short answer is, yes. His mother is a fervent believer in the mainstream media, as well as mRNA pushing doctors and scientists. She also believes that COVID-19 vaccine injuries are “misinformation” and “Russian propaganda”.

COVID Intel - by Dr.William Makis
16 year old high school boy from Illinois had a sudden cardiac arrest while sitting at his desk in class: COVID-19 mRNA vaccine induced subclinical (silent) myocarditis is extremely dangerous to kids
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This is the level of brainwashing some parents are under: