COVID vaccines CANNOT protect against SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, they never could: a catastrophic mistake by vaccine developers if they did not know and if they did know, to be misleading the public!

by Paul Alexander

These are 2 distinct immune compartments and one does not come into contact with the other and the vaccinal antibodies in the blood CANNOT get to the respiratory tract surfaces where the virus is

Part of the reason, among several reasons, why the vaccines fail, is described below. The core thesis surrounds the inability of vaccine-induced antibodies to prevent coronavirus infections.

I always share my thoughts as someone skilled in evidence-based medicine and research methods (I did do my doctorate under the founder of EBM) with core training in epidemiology and biostatistics (I was actually going to read for a doctorate under the magnificent Dr. Donald Henderson of Johns Hopkins in 2001 in biological warfare and bioterrorism etc. but well, I went the EBM route). However, given my work in COVID for the last 2 years, I am heavily worked and do have expertise in immunology, virology, vaccinology albeit basic (no expert) but enough study to manage. I am no expert but when I share, it is based on my understanding of the science in the hopes that I can give some info and also learn from others. We are trying to understand. Where I make mistakes, I am always open to be schooled please. If you see a correction, tell me. For this topic, I will lay it out in point form (in a basic manner without granular immunology) to not get long-winded for I suspect by now you get the sense this guy loves to share and write:

1) There is a serious error at play and it should be cleared up here even if the vaccine developers do not fix it or it is not discussed openly; I only seek to share my thoughts

2) The fact is that the vaccines cannot provide any protection or help against the COVID viral infection; it never could; I think those involved must know this; it is impossible they do not; let me say it again, the vaccines cannot work to do what they tell you it is doing or what you think it is doing.

3) How could I state this in point # 2? Again, I am no expert but let me try explaining how I understand this. There are 2 major types of antibodies that are produced by the body to protect and fight against pathogen e.g. viral pathogen

4) One is the secretory IgA (or Sig A often called) and it is manufactured by our immune cells called lymphocytes that are found just beneath the mucosal layer (mucous membranes) that is that slimy membrane (snot etc.) that lines your respiratory tract (tip of the nostrils/nasopharynx to down to the lungs) and digestive tract (mouth/oral cavity) to down the intestinal tract. The Sig A antibodies that are manufactured by the lymphocytes are secreted up through to the surface of the mucosal layer. They are located there to greet any air-borne pathogen like viruses that land there, and they work to limit or stop the binding of viruses and infection of your cells. This is your mucosal layer or mucosae and thus in it has a potent first line of immune defense. It usually does the job effectively. Many pathogen land there during the day and are dispatched by these potent soldiers. There are other components of this compartment but these antibodies are key to preventing infection, as they work to neutralize the virus to stop infection beyond the upper respiratory tract and from thus going deeper into the lower respiratory tract/lungs.

5) There is another type of antibody called circulating IgG and circulating IgA and these are located in the blood stream. Their job is to protect the internal organs by preventing dissemination of the pathogen in the bloodstream. To limit spread in the bloodstream. So if the virus gets loose in the blood, its job (circulating IgG and circulating IgA) is to prevent dissemination across the blood stream that could infect other organs and that is a huge problem.

6) Now we get the vaccine injected into our deltoid/shoulder muscle and the antibodies that are produced as a result of vaccine (our cells producing the synthetic spike protein that then provokes an immune response) are in the blood, not in the respiratory tract. The antibodies produced are for inside the body/bloodstream (circulating IgG and circulating IgA). Not Sig A.

7) The protection is needed in the respiratory tract/nostrils/upper respiratory tract where a local site of infection is, which is where virus will initially land. And where the antibodies must function to prevent infection or the other immune cells kill the virus. But you took vaccine and the resulting vaccinal antibodies are in the bloodstream.

8) This is a problem for you get exposed, virus is in the nasopharynx/upper respiratory tract, but the vaccine had your antibodies flooding to the blood stream. The result is the bloodstream antibodies (circulating IgG and circulating IgA) cannot get to the mucosal surfaces and thus virus is there that is not dampened down. The blood stream antibodies that were produced based on the spike protein antigen, cannot protect (effectively) the mucous membranes from the viral infection.

I state it again, the antibodies in your bloodstream produced due to the vaccine, cannot protect the respiratory tract where the virus is, it cannot reach there, it is a separate compartment. It never could. The vaccine only works (vaccinal antibodies) if virus gets loose from the lungs into the blood stream. They work to prevent dissemination. However, as mentioned, the virus initially lands in the nostrils and in the upper respiratory tract/mucous membranes and it is where antibodies are needed, not in the blood stream. The mucous membrane is where the response is needed.

9) If the vaccine was in the form of a nasal vaccine/spray with antigen, something of that design, then the mucous membrane, upper respiratory tract could be effectively protected. With deltoid vaccine that results in systemic vaccinal antibodies as we have now in these COVID vaccines, then the respiratory tract is vulnerable and unprotected.

10) Experts argue that ‘breakthrough’ infections are not breakthrough, they are simply infections as there was no protection in the first place.

11) If you asked me then what does the vaccine do, I would say ‘nothing’. What has been working is natural immunity, innate immunity, and early drug treatment, combined with the seasonality of viruses and FARR’s law. IMO. I am no expert. I am entitled to my opinion. Moreover, it is actually causing disaster with mutations and damaging ordinarily healthy functional protective innate and natural immune systems.

12) I end by warning, that continued mass vaccination with these vaccines and planned omicron-specific vaccines can drive ADE that could be catastrophic.

13) These vaccines can destroy the innate immune system of our children and young persons. Leave them alone! I plead to allow omicron to spread naturally and harmlessly among our children and young persons. No vaccine against omicron in children or young persons and no lockdowns….none. We are damaging any possibility to get to population-level herd immunity with these vaccines. By damaging healthy innate immune systems in children, we will be taking the most potent tool off the battle field, and destroying any chance at herd immunity.

14) There is also debate among top scientists and I am informed by giants like Geert Vanden Bossche, who informs me and others that the vaccinal antibody pressure on the receptor binding domain (RBD) on the omicron spike could drive the use of cell surface receptors ‘other than’ ACE 2 (that the virus typically uses), to gain entry into the host cell. This is a potential catastrophic hot mess and failure! With mass vaccination, in other words, variants can seek a ‘fitness advantage’ by using alternative receptors and this is disastrous. This is ADE in the classic sense.

A warning from me, and I stand on the shoulders of principally Geert and also Malone and Yeadon and McCullough and Stock and Oskoui and Risch and Tenenbaum and Merritt and Vliet. I work with these giants and take schooling near daily.