COVID virus did not kill most people! No no no, many deaths were due to the delayed treatment due to all beds blocked for COVID patients; but MOST deaths were due to medical treatment/abuse of people

by Paul Alexander

It's what we did to vulnerable people, sick people that killed them e.g. false COVID diagnosis, isolation, dehydration, sedation (midazolam/morphine), DNR, no antibiotics, Remdesivir, ventilation

Had we done NOTHING, we would have been far more successful because NOTHING worked, and made matters far worse!

This was NEVER a pandemic! Never!

A bad flu, a bad cold, that was it!

No vaccine was never EVER needed, none. This was a plan, a deadly plan, all involved in the vaccine in all ways, knew it was never needed, never. Not for this virus.

We became deranged and lost our minds. We went literally insane in how we reacted to this and what we allowed our government and health officials to do to us. We stopped thinking! People like me who said 3 years ago (from inside government even) what I am writing here, were attacked smeared, slandered, ostracized. Cancelled, incomes taken away. It has been brutal to get by but I/we did. We had no choice for I/we decided to stand up and wage the battle and keep talking and demanding and sharing and battling. It is not a joke and we must never spike the football. What was done here was monstrous. We have to be compassionate and have mercy too and stand ready to always comfort. It will take 100 years to heal, societally, economically, emotionally, in all manners.

I/we were right. I WILL wager on this.

I have stated and state again, had we done NOTHING, nothing, and just lived NORMAL lives taking reasonable precautions, we would have lost far less people and the so called pandemic would have ended by January 2021. I even argue it never was a pandemic and was over 3 weeks out when we clarified who the at risk group was and how to manage.

All we ever needed for COVID and any such pathogen is isolate (voluntary) the sick, symptomatic unwell ONLY, ONLY, then strongly protect the vulnerable and allow the vast majority of society to live free, no lockdowns, no school closures, nothing. No disruptions. None.

All we needed to do was NOTHING! Not one mask, not one, for it always never ever worked and will never ever work for such pathogen. Ever!

This is the mindset that killed our people: ‘If the person is not responding, then do more of it, like lockdowns, harden them, extend them, so intubate harder, more Remdesivir, more midazolam, more ventilation…ramp up that ventilator pressure, surge it up, give them more’, yet all we were doing was blowing holes in badly damaged lungs, alveoli so badly under trauma that they blew up and people died! all of it helped kill our parents and grand parents. Not COVID virus. It is the denial of antibiotics that they actually needed, that also killed our elderly due to bacterial pneumonia yet no treatment was given. Antibiotics DENIED! This was actually needed but denied!


The devastating medical treatment…ventilators killed our people. Killed them! Look at what happened in New York. Massive deaths due the ventilators. Now we have the fraud mRNA technology injection killing people. Massively. Isolation, misery in the nursing homes, hospitals. Malnourishment, dehydration, suicide in isolation. Isolation is rapid killer of the elderly and we killed in droves.

Toxic drugs pumped into our elderly, morphine and midazolam. Kidney and liver toxic Remdesivir (the failed Ebola drug). Abuse as our elderly were locked down for 2 years and we could not see the treatment, and I argue many were beaten to death. You have no idea how badly our elderly are treated in some of these places, and this was before COVID when they were NOT isolated. Can you imagine what happened to our elderly when COVID locked them away from you? From our eyes. It was a KILLING FIELD up in there. Only God knows and I pray he doles out the punishment, if only his eyes saw. Their aloneness allowed them to be terribly abused and it is heart breaking. The most precious among us. No human contact, alone, deprived of any touch. This killed our elderly! Have you ever seen a rodent even in a lab experiment you keep isolated? Have you seen it? Even the fur drops off.

No treatment due to COVID as all doctors, hospitals, beds were cleared out ONLY for COVID and people with chronic illness like heart disease, diabetes, cancers just worsened.

Nothing worked, and we killed people not due to the virus, but the excess mortality is due to the hospital management and treatment, denial of care as access was denied, and the fraud deadly vaccine. Moreover, I argue that COVID did kill some of our vulnerable but the more rapid death was not by that much, as COVID virus behaved like any other respiratory ILI (influenza like illness) virus. It caused earlier deaths but by how much? Maybe a few months. Not much.

This is what history will show. I will bet my very life on this, if I am shown wrong. Had we not reacted to it, had we not ‘detected’ it (using the fraud PCR) for the first time as an ILI pathogen that was indeed released likely a couple years earlier and was always circulating ‘undetected’ for it was so very benign, then I argue we would have never noticed it. It would have been captured as it was captured in circulation (and taking some lives here and there of elderly) a couple years earlier, as common cold or flu or some blanket term ‘influenza like illness’. “oh, sorry to say that 85 year old granny with some serious medical conditions passed away in the nursing home today”. Is this not what normally happens?

All of it, everything was a lie and did not need to happen, not one bit of it!