COVID virus real? No virus? A virus? 100% hoax? Lockdowns to fraud gene vaccine? Couey & Yeadon & other sage oracles are stretching our imaginations no doubt! Me? IMO, something was released

by Paul Alexander

IMO bad people for their own sick agendas, and one being to topple '45', to remove POTUS Trump e.g. Francis Collins, Fauci, Baric, Daszak, Bourla, Bancel orchestrated greatest hoax & killed people

IMO, 100% of the pandemic was a fraud, 100%, nothing about it is and was real. Trump administration and Biden administration people pulled off the greatest hoax in history and POTUS Trump was fooled hook, line, and sinker. POTUS Trump was decieved in a way that is staggering for them to convince him locking down his 3.4% unemployment country was the way to go, for a fraud manufactured PCR pandemic that NEVER was, with an IFR of 0.04-0.05% those less than 70 to 75 years old.

A PCR process that was false positive 95% of the time (over-cycled beyond 24 amplifications and so we were detecting viral dust and non-lethal non-infectious pathogen), yes, we closed society down and pulled kids out of school and destroyed economies and businesses knowing that 95% of those declared as positive were not, they used the PCR to lie to you, to damage you, to get you scared to accept the mask with the asymptomatic bull shit that never ever was for this, got you hysterical to lock yourself down and hide your 10 year old son under the bed thinking he was at same risk as 85 year old granny with medical conditions yet these beasts knew there was a 1000-fold difference in risk of severe outcome and death between 10 year olds and 85 year old granny; for they knew they were detecting something with PCR that they knew was already circulating (they were involved in its release, they knew it was benign) and that we were largely immune to (Diamond Princess was our petri dish and told us this, off the bat 80% were immune at some level). They knew that no lockdown was needed, no vaccine, nothing.


And all we needed to do was to do NOTHING. Just strongly protect the vulnerable (double and triple down protections) high-risk persons as we always do and allow the rest of society to live free, unfettered lives, allow children to live free with reasonable precautions and that they had to interact with their environments, that their innate immune system (innate B-1 cell derived antibodies) had to be exposed to virus (glycosylated and otherwise) to learn and to be educated on how to handle them (now and in the future) and not hidden away, so as to be trained on molecular mimicry (self-like and all nuances) and differentiating between ‘self/what belonged to child’ and ‘non-self/what did not belong to child and was to be attacked by the immune system’ so as to not allow auto-immune diseases to plague child, they knew;

they knew child had to become infected naturally and harmlessly to COVID and pathogen in general to build natural immunity to add to help get to herd immunity, and that then and only then, once we broke the chain of transmission, could we get to herd and could we tame and end the COVID pandemic. They knew that once we left all alone there would be 3 curves and this would have settled to endemnicity. They knew. They knew the selective pressure with NPIs and vaccine would drive the emergence of new sub-variants and that this would never ever end. we could have 100 years of this fraud with new sub-variants their sub-optimal non-sterilizing (could never stop infection, replication, or transmission) fraud vaccine. They knew.

They knew.

IMO bad people (who we must hang with proper investigations and judges rule as such, not me or you, no other justice but legal court derived) did something with pathogen, when? multiple release or one source? which labs, who exactly involved, the lockdowns, the vaccine? all was done to damage America. The goal by these people as they enriched themselves was to damage and destroy America and to do it, they had to damage POTUS Trump by committing hari kari, they had to fall on their own swords so to speak, that they, Fauci, Collins, Birx et al. would be in charge of running the pandemic response and that they would ensure it was a disaster so that Trump would be blamed. He was. This ‘whatever’ it was and is, was done to remove POTUS Trump. 100%. And today, he must stand up and recognize and speak the truth on the lockdowns and the vaccines. He will land on Rushmore, with a 2nd term once he promises and carries out jailing and hanging of all involved with proper inquiries.

I cannot believe Trump was in on any of this as some want to argue. I cannot. Trump is crass, boorish, arrogant, strong, hubris and all that, but fundamentally, a lover of America. He was and is cleaner than all those who are prosecuting him. He is cleaner than all congress people and senators combined. He loves women, and as Kennedy said, has some lust demons (both men) but he can settle that with his/their God. Could he be in the know on this malfeasance, 100% not!