COVID was over by January 2021, just before roll-out of the fraud, failed, ineffective Pfizer & Moderna mRNA technology (Malone, Weissman, Karikó et al.) gene based vaccine injection (Bourla, Sahin,

by Paul Alexander

Bancel); what we have now is NOT pandemic anymore (& we know it never was pandemic with an IFR of 0.05%, 75 years & under); what we have is an ongoing viral immune escape pandemic due to mRNA vaccine

By January 2021 infections etc. were already down to baseline (we were headed to population herd immunity) yet by brining this fraud mRNA technology shot, they have set conditions ot maintain this for 100 more years, variant after variant clade emerging due to the selective pressure placed on the virus’s target antigen by sub-optimal hobbled ‘incomplete’ vaccine induced immunity (not yet at maximal binding affinity for the binding sites and as such unable to effectively sterilize (neutralize) the virus so cannot stop infection, replication, transmission) with viral immune escape. Consequence when you mass vaccinate across all age groups into the teeth of a pandemic or situation with ongoing massive viral infectious pressure as population immunity mounts (mounting immune pressure), is selection of fittest variants that will become the new dominants. It will never end and one of these variants could be humanity destructive due to being more virulent. Mass vaccination causes, drives, facilitates viral immune escape and it is critical to snsure that the innate immune system (first line of protection) with its innate antibodies and natural killer cells (NK cells) must be allowed to be trained and educated so that the person can confront pathogen now, can build an immunological memory for the future, and can learn how to distingusih ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ and as such mitigate risk of auto-immune disease.

It is the vaccine, stupid, it is the vaccine driving the variants, NOT the virus.

This fraud pandemic and mRNA injections were the greatest fraud, lie in history, most catastrophic fraud ever on the world. Everything about it was a lie.