'Covid will 'probably' become a seasonal virus, like the flu,' Walensky says, CDC officials say it's increasingly likely the coronavirus will never truly go away, instead simmering at low levels...

by Paul Alexander

What a buffoon, idiot, we told her this one year now, so now she is running away fast and slipping in statements while the Russia Ukraine issue sucks the air out of COVID & media helps cover up more

Walensky and her lies and duplicity on full display again with NBC.

We wont let them.

A lockdown lunatic official.

I have never heard a public health official let alone CDC Director lie like this lady…never, she has special skills…in lying.

This is the problem, we, I, we have told this ding dong and all her CDC officials and even Redfield’s and the NIH etc. and all the inept scientists at FDA and all in academia and clinicians who worked against early treatment, who lied about vaccine immunity superior to natural immunity, and who are trying to kill children with these failed unsafe vaccines…we told them this so as usual, CDC360, one year always late behind the science, the inept corrupted CDC and their most inept incompetent director now says it…"I do anticipate that this is probably going to be a seasonal virus," said the CDC's director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky. That means it could join the flu and other respiratory viruses that tend to spread during the cold winter months.”

What an idiot this official is, sorry, I call it as it is, she with NIH and Fauci and Francis Collins and her agency harmed many with these vaccines and one day soon I hope, once we can show their actions were reckless and costed lives, they must be held to account via the highest law we can, including jail.

These are and were power drunk lockdown lunatic officials and they are trying to run far and fast now and trying to rewrite their crimes…we cannot let them out of our grasp…we need them in a court with proper legal inquiry so that they can defend their actions…this is a good governance society so this is a must…but if they killed people with their actions, they must face jail! and financial penalties.

Any and all of them who…