COVID would have been OVER, would have been done if NIH & CDC & FDA & Bourla & Bancel & Fauci & Collins & Biden admin would have STOPPED COVID INJECTIONS; it's the VACCINE, stupid, causing variants!

by Paul Alexander

COVID, omicron etc. would settle down to become endemic with stable equilibrium (endemic equilibrium) if these DAMN fraud dangerous injections are stopped; drives VARIANT after VARIANT; INNATE Abs

They are creating DISASTER, deliberately

This so called pandemic would have been done a long time ago, I say January 2021, we had it beat. The COVID injections resurrected a monster and made this disastrous.

Fauci, Walesnky, Birx, Hahn, Francis Collins, Bourla, Bancel etc. are doing this deliberately as they know the catastrophe they have created with this non-neutralizing vaccine. They know the outcome of an imperfect ‘leaky’ vaccine on selection pressure etc. IMO, these are criminals, especially their move to vaccinate our little children (and healthy children overall) who have near statistical zero risk of severe outcome or death from COVID. Not one healthy child in the US, since January 2020, infected with any of the strains and variants of COVID, has died post infection from COVID. NOT one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I challenge any one reading this, any official, to debate me on this!

These people, these malfeasants doing this like Fauci and Francis Collins and Albert Bourla of Pfizer, know that if the vaccine is ‘imperfect’ and ‘leaky’, and does not sterilize the virus, and thus does not effectively bind and neutralize the antigen target (in this case the binding sites on the spike glycoprotein), then the antigen-specific (high-affinity, high-specificity) vaccinal antibodies (Abs) will place the virus under selection pressure and ‘select’ for variants that are highly infectious and Darwinian ‘fitter’ and ‘hardier’ and which would confer an evolutionary advantage to the virus. The key is if the vaccinal Abs do not cause the virus to arrive at an evolutionary dead-end, then the virus will continue on to infect and proliferate and in a deadly manner.

We continue to be plagued by this and IMO (as is Vanden Bossche and similar), this pandemic will continue for 100 years not with stable equilibrium and endemicity, but with infectious variant after infectious variant emerging and potentially more lethal, virulent sub-variants/clades, due to the antigen-specific, non-neutralizing vaccinal Abs placing sub-optimal ‘immature’ ‘undeveloped’ immune pressure on the infectiousness of the virus and now the virulence.

This is where the public comes in, to understand it is not the virus but actually the vaccinal Abs that are binding to the virus but not neutralizing it (not stopping infection or transmission), are causing the virus to be more infectious and infect the vaccinated. As we see, the vaccinated are getting infected over and over again, and seriously ill with hospitalization and even death.

The public must stand up now and say NO! No more!

And we go back and hold all those who partook in this fraud accountable! We take their money and jail them! If we show they caused deaths recklessly and needlessly.

Now, we must as parents and grandparents lay it all down and protect our children. This is the hill we defend and potently so. The battle is for our children for these COVID vaccinal Abs will subvert and outcompete the innate immune system antibodies in children (with it’s narrow window of opportunity for training and education) that need to bind to live virus (circulating or vaccine).

In binding to virus, the innate antibodies then educate and train the innate immune system effector cells e.g. NK cells (natural killer cells) to recognize self from non-self (non-components of the child then and for the future), to handle virus they are confronted with ‘now’ e.g. COVID virus, and to differentiate and deal with a host of other glycosylated pathogen virus e.g. measles, mumps, rotavirus, influenza, common colds, RSV etc. they will confront in the future when the innate antibodies are not longer available. The training window in early childhood is narrow and critical.

The training of the innate immune system NK cells is critical for it is not just recognizing ‘self’ of the child (belong to child) from non-self, but recognizing all variations in between like ‘self-like’ and ‘self-mimicking’. Remember, the glycosylated viruses that are similar to COVID can take on a ‘coat’ of sugars and glycans (?), an outer set of surface molecules that mimic normal ‘cells’ to fool the immune system (the innate immune system). So it is critical that the innate immune system NK cells that clear out virus (eliminate them) can differentiate what belongs to the self and what does not and do it’s job to clear virus. Else child will be susceptible to a host of future auto-immune diseases and death pathway, as well as a range of other pathogen.

Remember, I am no immunologist, I am trying my best to understand it all too and explain to you in a manner we understand. It’s as simple as this, the vaccinal Abs (induced by the vaccine) are highly specific and with high-affinity to the antigen (spike), and binds strongly to the target antigen, while the innate Abs are low-affinity. That is the basic physics of it. By the vaccinal Abs interacting with the receptor binding sites on the spike (receptor binding protein and/or N terminal domain etc.) and blocking the innate antibodies, then the innate antibodies cannot bind and cannot educate the innate immune system on:

1)responding to virus NOW the child is exposed to as part of the training

2)responding to a range of other glycosylated viruses (viruses that share similar glycans and sugars on their surfaces and many do) especially when the innate antibodies are no longer available for training

3)differentiating ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ and all variations in between (self mimicking, self-like etc.)