CRACKPOT Dr. Fauci: “We May Need to Boost Again. That’s Entirely Conceivable” (VIDEO); Listen here, so inept and corrupt. What science is he looking at? The boosters don't work so give more?

by Paul Alexander

This is insane, illogical, nonsensical, absurd; there is no science to support this insanity and the WHO, EU regulators, the Scottish data, UK data, all show the boosters are causing more infection

Dr. Fauci: “We May Need to Boost Again. That’s Entirely Conceivable” (VIDEO)

I was not going to touch this as I felt you all are so smart you would not even bother. But I am engaged by this untermensche, this beelzebub. Why? Because he causes damage. This guy is so inept and reckless, and he is dangerous for we have no idea the long term consequence of these boosters on the immune system; moreover, infections are escalated with boosting so what is this nutball seeing? I say turn him off, he is irrelevant. Turn him off.

His lockdown and school closure polices with Birx killed people and children. US children hung themselves and I argue globally. Yes, we had reports of 8-12 year olds hung in their bed rooms, found by parents, and the media refused to tell you as it would have made Trump look good as he was fighting them to open schools. These people costed lives and Fauci the grim reaper aint over yet, he is killing with these vaccines. He has a second rounds at killing our people. It is time to say no. No more…time to end this pandemic emergency.

Don’t let him play with words, he is not on the fence, this is what he really wants; he is ‘conditioning’ you; all he is doing is soft selling at this stage and the CDC and NIH and those corrupt officials will follow up and CDC with bogus MMWR research.

Did Fauci see this by WHO?

WHO says no evidence that COVID boosters are needed for healthy children, young adults

Did he not see this by the EU regulators?

EU Drug Regulator Warns Against Overuse of COVID Booster Shots

Did this ding dong see these publications?



See the booster rates in the embedded tables I shared prior.

PH Scotland:

PH UK week 3 (cases):