Crap, do you mean rapes and murders and car thefts and Fentanyl will now surge in New York, Niagara, Buffalo etc.? Seems so, guess that trek to Florida seems more real than ever for dem New Yorkers

by Paul Alexander

Biden and his corrupted administration doing everything they could to destroy America, brick by brick, and you want someone other than Trump? NO NO, only that mandingo has a chance to fix things


What is that you just whispered? It ain’t only rapist and murderers from Latin American nations entering the US at the Southern border that Biden et al. are asking to come in and pulling them into the US, but also jihadists from middle east pouring in across the Northern border? Well how in God’s name did they get up there? What you just said? Trudeau did that in a deal with Obama in the past, he will take them in so that they can then illegally get into US? US is always the goal, not Canada. Yes, come to think of it I did see that happening wit their bromance…sh*t, I forgot what the deal was about and we must respect people’s deals. Do we not? Obama did ask Trudeau to help a brother out by allowing jihadists (not the good muslims who are hard working and add to America, I refer to the jihadists) to get into America via the back door e.g. Canada…he already got Tashfeen and Rizwan and Omar in and turned out they did their task of killing innocent Americans but Obama seemed to have wanted more to enter (those killings of innocent Americans were not enough to fix the breaches in the system, no) that would end up killing more Americans for that was what he was in fact doing by his policies. Americans were being killed. I see it not other way. By allowing the jihadists in. Good that Trudeau has kept his end of the deal and helped the brother. I like people who keep to their word. NOT.

Do you think Obama would have done it differently today if he were POTUS? That he would work to stop people with the intent of killing Americans from entering the US? I don’t know, we should ask him.

Obama started to show (and George Bush Jr) how to invade America by his policies though.

Thanks Obama and you trained Biden well, true to form, he is now invading America. The President of the United States, POTUS Biden, is currently invading the United States. Imagine that. And the Republican House holding hearings. Did I not tell you it’s a waste of time, dog and pony show, will be bull shit from them. Hearings and photo ops and nothing to result. Just hearings. They are all the same homie. Wake me up when that is done.

By the way, did we ever get to learn who the Mandalay Bay shooter (s) was? Or are we allowed to ask that yet or still ‘no comment’?