"Croatian magazine puts Hitler mustaches on Meloni, Orban and Vucic": why I ask? Because Meloni & Orban DO NOT want the North African & middle eastern jihadi, the animal to rape their girls? to kill?

by Paul Alexander

Is this why? Well I approve of them, I think the world and their nations need them to now reverse the madness of Merkel and Obama, the invasion of the US by Biden, we need BIG BALLED women and men now

The wolf is agitating again and must be focused on and removed, yes, if you can, go back and get them all and deport them fully! They will hollow out nations and breed you out of existence. Oh you do not like me because I say what others ‘think’?

The wolf lurks for our women and young girls. There is no amount of multicultural or diversity bullsh*t in this. This is nations building their own funeral pyres, no sane nations does this. Meloni is 100% correct, GET them out so over to her now, lets see if she is one of the routine bollocks talkers. To me, seems legit.

‘The Croatian weekly magazine Express published the faces of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, Italian soon-to-be Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán with Hitler mustaches under the headline "Achtung [beware]: Croatia between three mini-Fascisms. An analysis of the motives of leaders of anti-Croatian policies in neighboring states." '