"Cruise Line Makes Major Change in COVID-19 Policy for Unvaccinated Passengers"; this has nothing to do with science or making sense, this is the industry is losing money!

by Paul Alexander

I am unvaccinated, my family is unvaccinated, my dear friends who I convinced are unvaccinated and now they near drop to their knees, near kiss my hands telling me how thankful esp their kids!

I only did what made sense and what was supported by science. I have doctors all over the world writing me, calling me for advice, imagine that! I am shocked how stupid and out of step with science they are and it is clear for 2 years, they did not read anything we were putting out of the studies we shared. So they have lots of work to do but are eager. Thank God!

I was among the first, with Gupta and Kulldorff and Bhattacharya and Atlas (McCullough, Oskoui, Risch, Tenenbaum, Ladapo etc.) to say the lockdowns were failures and would kill. I told the closing schools would kill our children, they did not listen, and Fauci and NIH sought to get me fired and cancelled. But I lived to tell and will continue technically pounding Fauci in writing and speaking for the fraud this elf is! The fraud Birx is and was, what a fraud!

Everyone else began writing what we were saying and now we are all vindicated! Everything thee bastards did in governments failed and actually caused deaths. We hold them to account. I told them everything, day 1. We let none escape! We jail them!