D-Day, June 6th 1944; the greatest generation that has ever lived; they laid down their lives for us who they did not know or would ever know; storming the beaches of Normandy; the drove INTO fire

by Paul Alexander

They did not run, did not cower, they did not stop to think of which bathroom to use or what was their pronoun that day; they knew, 'kill or be killed' & that their lives MUST be sacrificed for OURS!

There is not enough praise for this generation, never enough. They were told what the task was and that it would involve laying your life down on that beach. Can you imagine at 18 years old or so, say 20, you are told, leave this landing craft, and by all likelihoods, you will not get to cross that beach, but you must not flinch, for what you will do next will define history for you will be laying your life down, buy time, to turn and shape this war, and your role will be etched in stone forever but you will never enjoy the victory and you will be giving your life for a future you will never see and for people you will never know, yet these young men, did not flinch.

We are here today due to them. We never forget. This was the very best of us and God help us if we ever face the demons again like that for they no longer exist, those men who stormed Normandy.