Damar Hamlin, Buffalo Bills NFL player; IMO it was a grave mistake by NFL & teams to not enforce testing for myocarditis in COVID vaccinated players before playing; many likely 'silent' myocarditis

by Paul Alexander

Once no one has told us the vaccine status, it points to vaccine & they are ashamed what they did to him mandating it & scared silent they have it in them; likely vaccine induced myocarditis scarring

If vaccine status is not shared, we have to keep it on the table and assume it is. It has to be ruled out for us to not consider it in the sequelae.

We have to follow the lives of these NFL players and those in other teams even in the off-season on this issue of silent myocarditis. We will know what is the situation for upcoming seasons and also how much damage there was due to the COVID gene vaccine. It is imperative and not an over-reaction.

The reality is that the only thing we seem to know about Damar is that he has survived (thank God and thanks to the rapid medical field response yet we can argue that this was in place due to the already known concerns about the vaccine), and seems to be o.k. and in good spirits. We also learnt that he is also not fully recovered and is still weak and needs supplemental oxygen (which to someone who understands these issues may also be a clue as to what happened to him). I heard that he needs this support via New York (Buffalo) media stations.

Apparently no information about his vaccination status (how many, which ones, and when), not even from him, which is odd.  In this DIED SUDDENLY and COVID vaccine era. It almost seems as if he was discouraged from talking about it, and anyone with access to him has been discouraged from asking about it?

Nothing about what the actual diagnosis was?  Not from him, not from other sources?

Nothing about what tests were run, and what was found?  Not from him, not from other sources?

Although this is all private information and we have to respect this, often the person that suffered the injury tends to reveal some information.  Is it not usual that the healthcare authorities release some limited information at times when a public figure is involved.  For example, there is a fair bit of information coming out about Jeremy Renner, from him and others. 

It feels like there might be more to the story.  Normally, if there wasn’t more to the story, there would be more information, because there would be nothing to cover up. 

This is very very odd.