'Dana White confirms he won't be punished or step down as UFC president following domestic violence incident'; IMO, I love MMA, like Dana's views but this is wrong message! men or women don't hit!

by Paul Alexander

Reports are Dana hit his wife, and reports she struck first; I was not there, but if so, neither should have struck and both must clean this up now as in the public eye; violence must not be glorified

Not good enough Dana or wife. He can’t be chastised alone if he indeed was hit first. I think both must come clean yet the bottom line is no one should be physically violent to the other. We cannot have a society where a woman can hit a man but it is the wrong thing if he responded. Both are wrong. She is as wrong as he.

‘The punishment is that I did it and now I have to deal with it."' This is something a politician would say. Wrong message to the youth looking on and at present, they are so effed up with COVID and the like and the thieving of their futures they see in congress etc.

Think hard Dana and your wife. You both have the podium and fame and a chance to make a real difference to the violence especially on women! If not, it goes unpunished and smacks of glorifying this. It is wrong. Both must take responsibility here, especially if she hit first. We do not need to be part of any marital issues. The impact on our youth and females looking on is all we are interested in for it has always been one of violence on the weaker. We have to work hard at changing that.