DANIEL HOROWITZ on fire again at the BLAZE & did I not tell you Speaker is a Trojan Horse, trust none of them, backstabbers of Trump; Horowitz: The shocking degree of political betrayal from McCarthy

by Paul Alexander

‘Imagine a family facing impending bankruptcy while suddenly hitting their credit limit. Typically, that family would make serious lifestyle changes to balance the budget, and if they found it necessary to take out a new line of credit, they would only do so for the minimal amount necessary for a short period of time. Well, when it comes to the uniparty in Washington, after the $11 trillion COVID spending and money-printing orgy, they responded to calls for spending cuts and reforms … by allowing an all-you-can-eat debt buffet from now until 2025! Don’t worry, they gave us a couple of spending and accounting gimmicks in return.

The central flaw in McCarthy’s approach to this deal was his entire messaging in the lead-up to this act of political adultery. Rather than drawing a line in the sand on the GOP-passed bill and then making the battle about debt, inflation, and the weaponization of government, he made the battle about getting Biden to negotiate and about not defaulting on the debt. In other words, he conveyed the message that Republicans fear not raising the debt limit just as much as the Democrats. Perforce, Biden easily agreed to “negotiate” so McCarthy could say he got “something” other than a “clean” debt limit increase. Once Biden agreed to negotiate and McCarthy wrongly validated June 1 as a drop-dead deadline, he had no leverage left. Hence, the interception rather than a touchdown in the form of the debt ceiling bill.’