Danielle Smith, Premier of Alberta, once again with what can only be described as a female schlonging of Trudeau, reads Trudeau 'Riot Act' on guns; "Alberta asserts its constitutional right to defend

by Paul Alexander

laws against Trudeau’s attempts at gun control"; Smith said regarding proposed federal restrictions by Trudeau government: 'instead of targeting criminals, the ban targets law-abiding firearms owners'




Long live Canada and its beautiful people, long live the military and police, all law enforcements that are often mistreated by government, federal government etc. These are the best among us and deserve our support! In the US, Canada, all good governance nations.

Now to the story at hand:

‘EDMONTON, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) – The province of Alberta pushed back hard against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal gun grab laws yesterday by announcing it will assert its constitutional right to enforce Federal gun laws through its Crown prosecutors.

“This is our constitutional jurisdiction, and this is a choice that we get to make,” Alberta Justice Minister Tyler Shandro said Thursday.

“It’s not a negotiation with the federal government.”

Alberta’s pro-freedom libertarian-minded new Premier Danielle Smith said about the province’s new move to enforce all gun laws that the “federal government’s firearm ban does not stop illegal guns from crossing the border and making it into the hands of criminals.”

“Instead of targeting criminals, the ban targets law-abiding firearms owners. Taking back Alberta’s constitutional jurisdiction and the authority to handle charges under the Firearms Act is one more way our province is pushing back against federal overreach,” she added.

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) applauded Alberta’s decision to protect the rights of legal gun owners, with CSSA executive director Tony Bernardo saying the province has taken a “principled stand to protect the lawful citizens of Alberta who own firearms.”

“It’s a great day to be Albertan,” he added.

In Canada, all provinces have the constitutional authority to handle Criminal Code matters, which the Alberta government said includes “charges related to the Firearms Act.”

Alberta already has its own chief firearms officer, Teri Bryant, who oversees federal firearms legislation in the province through her office.

Bryant said that “having provincial jurisdiction to handle firearms offences makes sense and is in the best interests of Albertans’ rights and safety.”

Earlier in the month, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan introduced legislation to protect legal gun owners from the much-maligned new federal firearms confiscation rules.’


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