DASZAK, Fauci, Francis Collins, Baric, Bourla, Bancel, Birx, Azar. Plus Walensky and Becerra and Woodcock; investigate them all and take every penny $ if it is shown in legal inquiry they caused death

by Paul Alexander

These are the Horsemen of the Apocalypse we confront with legal inquiry; there are many more and what we seek as a good governance society is proper legal above-board public inquiry

DASZAK, Fauci, Francis Collins, Baric, Bourla, Bancel, Birx, Azar. These 8 Horsemen of the Apocalypse I want investigated first in proper legal public inquiries, proper, to assess their roles in the lives lost due to the lockdowns and school closures and these fraud fake ineffective and harmful COVID gene injections. If shown right, we celebrate them and award them. The dealt with a difficult situation. Yet if shown they were reckless and dangerous and caused lives to be lost, then we clean them out financially and imprison them all! We start here but we have many, many in Trump and Biden administration, including Walensky, Becerra et al. and all the policy makers and deciders in CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID etc. like Marks, Woodcock, Redfield…I do not care who you were and are, if your decisions causes our parents and grand-parents to die, and our children, then we jail you! Save Giroir, I will investigate all.