Deadly dangerous corrupted CDC is at it again & my reponse to CDC is 'up yours' with your inept corrupted 'guidance'; 'CDC likely to recommend annual COVID booster shot, director says'

by Paul Alexander

question to the moronic director of CDC: can you tell us or show us the evidence or science or any data that supports this guidance? knowing guidance is just that, it is not mandated law

If after all the evidence this ding dong CDC Director has seen, and she can talk this drivel crap, then you got to understand why America public health wise, is in trouble. This incompetent CDC Director makes clueless (master liar) Rochellllllllle look like a Rhode Scholar and St. Peter-like. This egghead spread misinformation about the efficacy and necessity of COVID vaccinations and the necessity of masks during her time as the Secretary of the North Carolina Health and Human Services. Stupid is not the right descriptive IMO.